SWERVE is the world’s first team inspired cycling studio. So what’s it like to ride in a team and harness the power of the pack? Here’s everything you need to know:

When we first arrived at boutique cycling studio, SWERVE, Leah and I exchanged nervous glances when we were told this class was all about teamwork and competition. It had been awhile since our last spin class, so we feared we’d both be at the bottom of the pack and let our respective teams down. Luckily, the friendly staff explained that it’s all good natured fun and very motivational. No one was going to get called out by name or yelled at to push harder. Whew!

After locking our belongings way in a spacious locker room, and making the rookie mistake of putting on our cycling shoes, we waddled out to the inviting waiting area. Within a few minutes, we were greeted by Jennifer, a long-time rider at SWERVE who recently became one of the studio’s PR reps. To make sure we were ready to ride she gave us a detailed rundown of everything we needed to know.

Bike Console 


Bike Console

Every bike is equipped with a console that shows your own personal metrics throughout the ride (RPM, Gear, Energy Output). You are the only one who will see your scores, but our technology will aggregate the team’s scores and that’s what is shown on the TV monitors in the studio. That’s where the competition lies – in the team’s average score.

How These Numbers Are Used During Class



  • Throughout the class, we ride to the beat of the music and the teams compete during two different challenges: sprints and SWERVE to the Beat.
  • During sprints, whichever team adds the most SWERVE Score points wins 2 additional points.
  • During SWERVE to the Beat, the instructor cues riders to the RPM that matches the beat of the music. When your team hits that RPM and holds it for 2 seconds your team wins additional 2 points.Throughout class, the instructor will show you the average team scores so you know how your team is stacking up against the other teams. It’s also a good chance for you to check in and see how you compare to the rest of the class.
  • Throughout class, the instructor will show you the average team scores so you know how your team is stacking up against the other teams. It’s also a good chance for you to check in and see how you compare to the rest of the class.
  • The overall winner of the class is the team that has the highest average SWERVE Score (which includes all the additional points won from the challenges).

Riding in a Pack

Studio - Dark Lights (1600 x 1600)

After we had the rundown of how the class worked, we hit the smoothie bar where we ordered drinks that would be conveniently waiting for us after class. From there, we carefully made our way downstairs to the spin studio (remember, Leah and I were wearing our notoriously hard to walk in cycling shoes). Scared we were going to topple over and take everyone down with us, Jennifer was even nice enough to guide us safely to our bikes.

From there a small team of staff swarmed the studio to make sure everyone’s bikes were the proper height and that everyone was good to go. Our instructor, Skyler, immediately got everyone’s energy levels up by having us all meet our neighbors and cheer for our respective teams. It was clear this was going to be a very friendly competition.

Now, it was time to SWERVE to the beat and we were off! Even though I never felt pressure to push myself beyond my limits, the combination of knowing my team was counting on me and being able to watch our points add up was super motivating. It was also really fun to try to SWERVE to the beat. Who knew it was so hard to consecutively maintain 72 RPM? I felt super accomplished every time I was able to find the rhythm and help my team hit their RPM goals. I also quite enjoyed it when red, green, and blue lights would flash throughout the studio to notify each team when they were gaining points and in the lead. This definitely served as a fun, motivating energy boost.

The results of your SWERVE ride are emailed to you after class.

The results of my first SWERVE ride as sent to me via email.

At no point during this class did I want to give up or turn down my resistance on the sly, nope — I was in it to win it. When Skyler encouraged us to add 30 points to our SWERVE scores by the end of each song you best believe I spun my heart out in order to hit that goal as Biebs and Selena bumped in the background.

Towards the end of the ride, we worked on our arms — which in all honesty was a struggle for my weak little twigs. I was barely able to keep up, but oh did I try! With the last few minutes closing in, it was time to leave everything on the bike. Skyler turned off all the lights and pumped us up with a motivating speech. It was glorious. By the time the class ended everyone was high fiving and cheering for each other. It felt amazing. I was really proud of myself for working hard and it felt great to contribute to my team. Plus, I couldn’t wait to refuel with the smoothie waiting for me upstairs.

Are you ready to ride at SWERVE? New riders can enjoy two rides for the price of one at just $34 or grab a 30-day unlimited monthly pass for $150 (usually valued at $325). They also have various packages and commitment plans. Check them out here

SWERVE is located at 30 West 18th Street in NYC you can call them at 212-242-3330

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