Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a super successful yogawear founder? You’re not alone! Meet Kira Karmazin, the brains behind the beautiful yoga line, KiraGrace. We asked her everything from which leggings she can’t live without to her go-to yoga pose. Scroll down to read more about this awesome brand and the amazing mama who started it all.


How did you start KiraGrace?

To be honest, the seeds for KiraGrace were planted within me during a difficult phase in my life. I’ve had a lifelong passion for yoga, but during this specific phase, I clung to yoga all the more deeply. It was during this time, as I came to my mat time and time again, that I realized I wasn’t alone. Many women in that very class were in similar boats – women going through divorces or illnesses, losing parents, losing jobs, or learning to embrace empty nests – I realized that as I stood on my mat in this space, I was surrounded by women who felt just as alone or afraid as I was. I wanted to do something to help support these women as they moved through the ups and downs of their journey. I’ve dedicated my life to the business of making women feel beautiful, so the most natural step for me was to combine these two passions and make something uplifting and beautiful. The depth of our beauty lies hidden within our souls, but there is great power in how we dress ourselves. So I wanted to make something that mirrored the beauty I saw in each of these women and would help them harness their inner warrior and goddess spirits.


Describe the typical KiraGrace client.

The typical KiraGrace client is a woman who honors the inner beauty of others, has a warrior spirit that fights for what she believes in, cares about building a more caring compassionate world, practices grace with herself and others and invites love into her life… and of course, she is obsessed with quality, design and fashion.

If you had to choose three words to describe KiraGrace, what would they be?

Beauty, strength, and grace


What are two or three of your favorite pieces?

Oh gosh, that is so hard!! So many of these are timeless, love forever pieces that work season after season, but if I had to pick I would say the Warrior Tough Cut Leggings. These are a real pinnacle design that have been the catalyst for the cutout trend that is all the rage in the activewear industry right now. They are a true KiraGrace signature piece.

My other favorite is the new Boot Camp Camo Pocket Tight. These tights are the darlings of our new spring collection. I adore the print, fabric and the design. I finally got a pair of my own the other week, and I literally cannot take them off! Not only does the earth tone color palette work as a neutral, they have the most luscious, luxurious fit!! I want to wear them every day, and basically have – just ask the girls in my office.

Can you wear KiraGrace during any fitness activities or just yoga?

Our design details are intended to fit the needs of yoginis. However, our gear is made with a blend of premium moisture-wicking fabrics featuring four-way stretch, so it does move well beyond the yoga studio. I have found that each year, the applicants we have for our ambassador program reaches further beyond what I imagined. We have aerialists, barre teachers, runners, and dancers – all sorts of women! So it’s gone beyond what I dreamed and that’s really exciting.

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We love all of the designs that rolled out in 2015. What can we expect in 2016?

Oh that is top secret!! But I will say that I’m particularly excited about the upcoming collections we have in store for everyone this year because I believe they are truly innovative, fresh designs and unlike anything else out there. Stay tuned for some really amazing silhouettes, cuts, and prints because you are just going to love what we have in store for you this year.

We noticed that you have three different kinds of fits. What is the difference between each one?

We know that women don’t all boil down to just three different shapes. Each and every one of us has a body that is uniquely made and tells an unrepeated story. But we have found that these three basic fits act as a very nice guideline to help steer us toward the right pieces for your goddess shape. The Diana Fit is designed specially for those girls with a more athletic build. The Victoria Fit is perfect for the woman with an average, natural shape. And the Venus Fit is our Marilyn Monroe girl – that gorgeous, curvy, hourglass shape! Each fit caters well to accent the beauty of this shape.Bri.Spring

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Different poses speak to me at different times, but right now my favorite yoga pose is Ardha Candrāsana, or Half Moon Pose. This pose embraces two polar energies – darkness and light, north and south, solar and lunar – and honors their differences while fusing them together into wholeness. I love that when I’m in this pose I feel the distinction of the steadiness of the ground beneath and the strength of balance and opening my heart upward toward the sky. To me, it really harmonizes two energies that we usually view as opposites, but in actuality they are sisters.

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