I was on a bit of a juice cleanse kick a few weeks ago. And the issue that I came across is simply the fact that I missed eating solid food during my three days of pure juice diet. The result was a guilt-ridden doughnut at beginning of day three that only made me feel like I had wasted all of my efforts. Enter Moon Juice

Moon Juice, created by world-traveling chef and super mom Amanda Chantal Bacon, wasn’t designed just to be a juice cleanse. Bacon wanted to create a comprehensive resource for all things healthy and delicious. Designed to highlight the natural flavors of her products, Bacon does more than cold pressed organic juices! She has designed Moon Milks (her answer to thicker smoothie-like supplement drinks), Cosmic Provisions (raw and activated snacks designed to replace processed food), and Moon Dusts (powdered supplements that can be added to hot or cold drinks). The entire line of products were created as a functional line of food that are truly life-changing. And when they were kind enough to send over some samples, I was excited!

Activated Maca Mesquite Walnuts

These were actually the first product that I tried from Moon Juice. With a lunch time meeting coming up in a few hours, and with breakfast hours beforehand, I was craving just a little something to snack on. So I reached for these beauties. They were like candy – a mix of caramely, banana, and nutty walnut flavor, they were surprisingly filling as well! Also, bonus: they’re raw, gluten-free and non-GMO. That, and I was surprised when they packed a little boost of energy that propelled me into my next meeting.

Herb & Cheese Crisps

Everyone in the office knows that I am a cheese person. I moonlight as a cheesemonger on the weekends, and of course these were what called to me when the package first arrived from Moon Juice. But after glancing at the ingredients, I was momentarily disappointed: no real cheese. Somewhat dejected, I saved them for the next day. BIG MISTAKE! I realized the moment I took my first bite that I had been missing out. They tasted just like cheese, even though it’s mostly almonds and flax seeds. That, and the addition of the tarragon, thyme, and rosemary made me feel as though I was chowing down on fancy restaurant style crackers. They are also super packed with protein, so I definitely wasn’t complaining.

Activated Dulse & Vinegar Almonds

Almonds are actually my go-to healthy work-place snack. I usually have mini-bags at my desk to enjoy when my breakfast wasn’t quite filling enough to last me until lunch. But move over Salt & Vinegar potato chips – these babies are my new go to when I’ve got a particularly salty craving! The combo of the vinegar and dulse leave a near addictive taste, and combined with the protein from the almonds, you’re on your way to a healthy workplace snack!

Beauty Dust

I kid you not, this stuff was the crown jewel of the package Moon Juice sent me. Admittedly, the first question that popped into my head was ‘what the heck is Beauty Dust’? A combo of goji, rehmannia, pearl, schisandra, and stevia, the instructions said to add it to a hot or cold drink. I picked tea the first day, and stirred it in. The taste was barely noticeable – if anything my drink was just a tiny bit sweeter – and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out. Beauty Dust promises to help promote glowing skin, eyes and hair, as well stimulating cellular restoration, preservation, and longevity. And let me tell you, it came through. After a week of using it, I received more compliments on my skin, and my hair was noticeably stronger and shinier.

To learn more about Moon Juice, visit their website. For more stories like this, visit our Food & Drink page! 

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