You’ve heard me sing the praises of Farmaesthetics before. Their founder, Brenda Brock, is a 7th generation farmer, and was inspired by her roots to create a full line of 100% natural skincare products.  So when they sent me a sample of their Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate series, I knew that I had something to look forward to.

The series consists of three different mixes – sweet milk & chamomile flowers, sweet milk & orange peel, and sweet milk & lavender buds. Immediately, I was drawn to the lavender scented one, not only because I love that smell but also because it was perfect for brightening & maintaining a healthy complexion. I’ve struggled with an acne-laced complexion for a very long time. There’s always some sort of red mark, bump, or zit somewhere on my face. As such, I’m always down for a good exfoliate – it helps clear out my pores which habitually get filled up with oil and dirt.

Preparing to use the Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate at home, I made a point of checking out the ingredients first. Farmaesthetics boasts a 100% all natural recipe for all of their products, and uses plenty of organic ingredients. They’re also hypo-allergenic, non-irritating & dermatological tested – so there’ll be no surprises as to how your skin will react to the products. Looking at it, there were no complicated chemical names making up this scrub – actually, it almost sounded like the recipe for some sort of baked good.

Cracking open the bottle, I was instantly greeted with the smell of lavender – a smell that always reminds me of the farmer’s market. I tipped a little bit of the powder into a small glass bowl, noticing the little chunks of lavender in the mix. A few squirts of  Farmaesthetics’ Fine Herbal Cleanser, a little mix with my fingers, and I was ready to go. The consistency reminded me a little bit of cake batter – a little chunky with the lavender, but not a bad feeling. As I applied it to my face, focusing on the problem areas on my cheeks and forehead, I noticed how soft the mixture started to feel once it was on my skin. Obviously a very good sign.

The instructions said that I could also use the cleansing concoction as a mask – I ended up leaving it on for an extra five minutes as I finished up the rest of my nightly routine. By the time I was ready to wash it off, it had dried a bit, leaving my face feeling a little tight but pretty clean. I splashed my face clean with warm water and WOW! My pores were noticeably smaller than they had been before, and best of all, the little bumps and blackheads that littered my cheeks and forehead were smoothed over!

I’ve since been hooked – after five days of using it morning and night, my pores look great and I’ve had probably the smoothest skin I’ve had in a very long time. Coming into work, I’ve insisted that our editor pet my cheek at least three times now. It’s that smooth! I’m just about ready to completely convert my beauty regiment to Farmaesthetics, and I encourage you to try them out. If you like smooth, soft skin cause by all natural ingredients, this is definitely the line for you.

To try Farmaesthetics, visit their website. To see more ways to take care of your beautiful skin, head to our Beauty page.

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