One of the biggest trends we’re seeing this year in the spa world is the need for quick and effective treatments. With the work week only getting busier and busier, all of us feel the need to escape in the middle of the day, if only for that hour lunch break. And what better way than to spend that time at the spa?

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Heyday strives to create facials and treatments that fit into your schedule, your wallet, and your life! Their specialty, as it happens, is a 30 Minute targeted treatment. Additionally, these facials can be modified depending on your skin type – microdermabrasion, peels, and phototherapy can be added to enhance the facial experience. Microdermabrasian can helps to exfoliate, providing smoother skin with decreased pore size. The peels penetrate the skin to dramaticaly improve fine lines and wrinkles. And phototherapy reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen and elastin. This enhanced facial, all done during your lunch hour!

Designed to deeply cleanse and bring the skin a refreshing glow, the Heyday facial isn’t just for women. It’s equally beneficial for men – their beard therapy is designed to balance the most neglected skin on a man’s face, as well as relieving irritation, breakouts, and ingrown hairs.

One of the biggest trends in the spa industry this year is the appeal to relaxing and re-energizing the lives of men as well as women. Maintaining healthy skin is not specific to either gender, and the effects of monthly facials (as our facial connoisseur, Randy, points out) really does show. The benefits are simple – they work. Smoother, healthier looking skin should be a goal for everyone, and Heyday is happy to provide with their specialized and quick facials.

For more information about Heyday and their 30 Minute facial, visit their website. For more from Randy, Mr. Fresh himself, visit his website.

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