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Calling all beer lovers! It’s time to pack your bags and head to Sisters, Oregon to try America’s very first beer spa. Hop in the Spa provides a “naturally intoxicating experience” for spa goers, as they soak in a bath comprised of fresh hops, hot spring water, herbs and mineral oils, while sipping on local craft brews and wines. Along with its microbrew soaks, the spa also offers body wraps, facial scrubs, and massage treatments that utilize the therapeutic powers of hops.

Though Hop in the Spa is the first establishment of its kind in America, the concept of soaking in beer is far from new. Ancient civilizations used beer for its medicinal benefits, including its ability to alleviate pain, improve sleep, calm the nerves, and moisturize and soothe the skin. Nowadays, beer spas are quite common in Europe, with places like Germany, Scandinavian and Czech Republic offering baths in pure beer. It’s these medicinal benefits that led Ayurveda-trained massage therapist Sally Champa to found Hop in the Spa, alongside marketer Mike Boyle.

The Hop in the Spa team has researched the world’s leading mineral baths to come up with its famous microbrew soak, which combines locally brewed Deschutes beer with hot spring water, whole hops, trace minerals and essential oils. According to the spa’s website, each microbrew soak has its own signature formula, which provides the benefits of detoxification, reduced stress, clearer skin, and an improved immune system. Spa-goers may also take part in brew and renew body polish treatment, ale foot soak, and the 45-minute hops on the body treatment, which wraps you in a sheet steeped in an aromatic blend of hops and herbs, while you enjoy a face and scalp massage.

Hop in the Spa opened on Feb. 13 and has become an instant success. If you’re planning a trip to Oregon, be sure to book your spa treatment at the spa well in advance. Along with the Sisters location, Champa and Boyle plan to expand their business into central Oregon and Portland, as well as the East Coast. The team also plans to develop a line of bath products and a beer garden at its current location in Sisters.

For more information about Hop in the Spa and their beer soaks, visit their website.

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