You may think that you missed flu season, but did you know that the CDC says we’re having a particularly late flu season? Yikes! And with the changing weather as Spring approaches, chances are you’re going to get struck down with at least a cold. And if not, there’s always allergy season. Not looking great, right? But don’t worry, we wouldn’t let you go it alone! We can tell you to chug some immune boosting smoothies, or give you some ways to help cure your cold quicker, but what happens when you want to look human when you’re sick as a dog?

Luckily, Mickey Williams is here to help! If you want to look your cutest even if you’re feeling your worst, Mickey can provide the best tips to look great through cold and flu season. She breaks it down for us in this interview, enjoy!


Eyes can really give away if you’re feeling under the weather, and nothing is worse than a red runny nose. Are these symptoms easy to hide when you’re feeling sick? What are the hardest?

Puffy, dark, sunken or baggy eyes are fairly easy to address when sick. In fact, these eye issues can disappear with a good concealer. A double coat of mascara and a splash of a shimmer shadow on the base of the lash can make you appear more awake. Be sure to use a waterproof formula if your eyes are watering.

But one of the hardest things to cover is a wet, red nose since one sneeze can take away all the powder or concealer you’ve applied. I absolutely recommend using a dual powder with a soft sponge applicator to make sure that your concealer doesn’t come off every time you blow your nose. Just  gently press the powder on the nose rather than wiping or buffing.

Your skin can get super raw and dry when you’re sick. What can be done besides moisturizing?

When your skin is raw and super sensitive, stay away for your daily facial routine when it comes to cleansing and moisturizing. Instead, use cool water to rinse the area. Avoid anything with fragrance and solely use Aquaphor as a salve to heal and moisturize the area. No gooping of Aquaphor is needed. A little goes a long way!

Skin can also get pale and grey when you’re feeling lousy. What’s a way to make it look a little bit perkier? 

Applying a warm shade of bronzer along the hairline and under the jaw line will do wonders for getting a glow back. If you are sunken or grayish in tone, avoid the contour of the cheekbones with your bronzer and just give that area a nice sheer, peachy-pink blush from the apples of your cheeks to the hairline.

Any other tips on how to power through a sick day while still looking super cute? 

If you feel sick, chances are it’s going to come through in how you look but a few brightening tips (mentioned above) will help you camouflage the ill-feel a bit. Another way to play out a sick day with glam is to distract with a gorgeous hair. Spend a few more minutes on your mane to add a bit of bounce and style to your walk. Getting a compliment on your hair will likely lift your spirits for a bit, even if you know the next sneeze is right around the corner.

Now that we’ve got some tips to help ward off our inner zombie when sick, what do you do when fixing your physical appearance just isn’t enough?

Well, when sick, covering up the outside is easier than you think; however, the true first step to looking your best when feeling your worst, is to be medically responsible and get checked out by a doctor who can make sure it’s not something serious like the flu. But, fear not, doctors can prescribe a medicine that can help kick your flu symptoms sooner, rather than later.

And if you’re not sure how to tell the difference between a cold or the flu, be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs: fever, aches, chills, and tiredness that come on super-fast and hit you hard. If you have some of these symptoms, get checked out asap – but try to cover up the bags, red nose and chapped lips first!


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