In life there are those special events you plan for (weddings, birthdays, holiday gatherings) and those that can surprise you (last minute getaways, an engagement, a celeb encounter). For special moments and everyday life alike you want your skin to look as good as it can.

As a 30-something I am dealing with both adult acne while combating signs of ageing. I get regular facials (with painful extractions). There are also more intense (painful) laser treatments but you need several days, if not a week or so, to recover. Enter the LHE (light, heat, energy) Microphototherapy facial designed to build collagen, diminish fine lines,reduce pore size,even skin tone and improve texture of skin with no down time.

As soon as I heard about these benefits I booked an appointment with Rhiannon Terese of Rhiannon Terese Skin Care. Located at: 837 Neill Ave, Bronx, NY 10462.

(Rhiannon Terese Skin Care)

Rhiannon, a licensed esthetician, has over 8 years of experience in the skincare industry and is passionate about skin. When we met she welcomed me and asked me about my skin concerns and what I was hoping to achieve. As I filled out the the standard office paperwork I told her my skincare goals. I explained that I want glowy and clear skin in one treatment (who doesn’t). Rhiannon explained that is why she recommends the LHE Microphototherapy facial. She uses it for clients suffering from acne, rosacea, uneven pigment, texture, and sagging skin.

(The Treatment Table)

While I was on the treatment table, Rhiannon pulled my hair back and cleansed my face and explained what to expect during the treatment. Soothing pulses of heat work together with light to remove hyperpigmentation, sun spots, even out skin tone and smooth the texture of the skin. Like laser, LHE treats the skin with therapeutic light energy. Unlike laser, gentle waves of heat work together with the light removing acne, age spots and uneven skin tone with no down time and virtually no discomfort.


(Before Treatment)

During the treatment I saw flashes of light from the device and felt some heat but it was not too hot. I also did smell burning hair (one cool benefit is that the treatments also helps remove facial hair) but there was no pain. The treatment took about 30 min from start to finish (but I was chatting and asked a ton of questions). After my skin felt a bit warm and was a bit brighter but there was no redness.


(After Treatment)

LHE Microphototherapy facials will be my go to before a big event where I can book a series of treatments. Also, should I have a last minute invite to something fabulous, I would make an appointment (even on the same day) for a quick skin perfecting treatment!

To book your own appointment, you can find Rhiannon’s website here or call 917.891.0510.

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