Your beauty products should be good for your skin – it’s as simple as that. But often times, we sacrifice the health of our skin in order to use luxury beauty products. We want our skin to look beauty, but we end up hurting it in the process. Of course, there are non-comedogenic and mineral beauty products, but what if there was a step past that – beauty products that love and care about your skin just as much as you do? 

Hynt Beauty takes this idea and revolutionizes it. Forget anything that is known to be harmful to our skin or environment – they don’t include anything even questioned to be harmful! It is free of parabens, nano particles, petrochemicals, artificial preservatives, gluten. Nearly all of their products are PETA-certified Vegan, so there’s no need to double check the ingredients – it’s all okay for you.

Hynt Beauty offers an luxurious product collection of  makeup that is better than just mineral, better than just natural, and purer than typical luxurious makeup. They only offer carcinogen-free makeup, and aim to uphold the best environmental and ethical practices. Amazing for you and for the environment? Hynt has covered all of the bases. They want to make sure that you feel proud and carefree when you put on your makeup every morning. You should be able to be both confident in your skincare and confident in yourself – and with Hynt Beauty you can do just that.


We also want you to feel confident and beautiful even after you’ve relaxed with a $50 spa treatment – so we’re giving you the chance to win $895 in Hynt Beauty! We’re choosing 8 winners in total – don’t you want to be one of them?

To learn more about Hynt Beauty, visit their website. To book your $50 spa treatment today, visit To enter this amazing giveaway, click here.  

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