While the wearable technology trend has shaken up the fitness and weight loss industry, it’s not stopping there. Recently, big names in the skincare industry have announced new cutting-edge wearable tech that will help us protect our skin and minimize the signs of aging.

When it comes to skincare and aging, the sun’s damaging UV rays are a primary concern. While it’s well-known that excessive sun exposure can cause skin cancer and other health issues, it’s also a major contributor to those fine lines and wrinkles. And, it’s a bigger contributor than your think; research shows UV rays account for 80% of skin aging, and their effect on your skin increases with age.

L’Oréal’s My UV Patch

My UV Patch

Monitoring your UV exposure and knowing when you should apply more sunscreen can make a huge difference to your skin. This is where L’Oréal’s My UV Patch comes into play. My UV Patch, the first-ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure and provide recommendations for safe sun behavior, was debuted back in January and is set to be released later this year under the company’s dermatological skincare brand, La Roche-Posay.

So, how does it work? The user directly sticks the adhesive patch on the area of skin he/she’d like to monitor. The patch contains photosensitive dyes that change colors depending on your exposure to UV rays. You can take a photo of the patch and upload it to the My UV Patch mobile app to monitor your exposure.

Feeligreen’s DermoPatch

My UV Patch isn’t the only anti-aging skin-like patch in the works. French startup Feeligreen is also developing a skin patch with anti-aging benefits. Called DermoPatch, the patch uses microcurrent technology to actively treat the signs of aging and diffuse beauty products and topical medication into the skin. While it’s not the first microcurrent skin patch out there, the company says it produces 10 to 20 times more current than the existing technologies. Stay tuned for its release!

Wired Beauty’s MAPO Beauty Mask

Though not a skin-like patch, Wired Beauty’s MAPO is world’s first digital beauty mask. Developed on crowdfunding, the device is a 3D soft silicon face mask customized for your face. It’s filled with bio-sensors to measure your skin’s moisture levels and temperature in real-time. Hydration is a key component cell renewal and keeping your skin healthy and young.

After wearing the mask for 1 minute, it will collect relevant information about your skin and transmit it to the accompanying app via Bluetooth. The app uses the information to monitor your skin’s health and offer recommendations about your skincare routine, such as what products to use and when to cleanse. The digital beauty mask is already on the market; all you have to do is send Wired Beauty photos of your face, and they’ll create your beauty mask.

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