Remember when coloring books were just for kids? Well, that’s certainly not the case anymore. Nowadays, millions of American adults are coloring in the lines too.

This newfound trend is all the rage right now, with its popularity really taking off last year. Twelve billion coloring books sold in 2015, compared to just 1 million the year before. Coloring not only gives us a break from all that screen time, but it’s also said to ease stress, foster creativity and offer therapeutic benefits similar to meditation.

“As adults, we need a chance to escape from our everyday life and do something that’s totally meditative,” Kelsey Montague, a Denver-based artist, told the New York Times. “Once you start coloring, all you have to worry about is coloring in the lines and which color to use. It’s an amazing escape.” Montague has recently released an adult coloring book of her own, “What Lifts You?”

Many celebrities are tapping into the adult coloring book craze. Justin Bieber recently Instagrammed a photo of an anime pinup girl he colored, with a caption explaining that he loves coloring because it enables him to sit still and relax.

Victoria Beckham also took to Instagram to express her love for coloring. She posted this photo of herself with the “Vogue Colouring Book” sticking out of her handbag. Created by award-winning writer, fashion editor, curator, and Royal College of Art Professor Ian R. Webb, the coloring book features hand-drawn artworks inspired by iconic images from British Vogue in the 1950s.


Along with Bieber and Beckham, Kate Hudson shared a video on Snapchat of her coloring aboard a plane headed to the “Kung Fu Panda 3” premiere.

Coloring is more than just a simple, fun activity; science shows coloring offers many health benefits. In fact, psychiatrists have been recommending coloring to their patients for many years to promote relaxation and creativity. Though adult coloring books don’t involve a therapist, they still certainly help with de-stressing.

When we color, we’re focusing entirely on the activity— staying in the lines, what color to use next— so our attention moves away from our everyday worries and stresses. Coloring enables us to tap into our imagination and enter a freer, more creative state of mind. The activity can also connect us to our feelings, as we may use different colors or intensities, depending on our mood.

So, the next time you’re feeling stressed, relax and unwind with an adult coloring book!

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