Mom’s Time-Saving Beauty Giveaway Week 5: Masks

Like our closet, every now and then, our face requires a serious purge. For a complete overhaul, we reach for M-61 PowerBlast, a 1-minute pore-purifying facial mask that provides a truly deep clean, quick. Its fast-acting formula combines glycolic and salicylic acid to rapidly reduce pore size, even tone and improve overall skin clarity. It also strengthens the skin through its Vitamin K component which combats and prevents discoloration. Don’t worry about any irritation as it contains bilberry antioxidant extract to soothe and calm the skin. We love (and you will too) seeing our complexion instantly go from lackluster to vibrant and healthy!


Life is just better at the beach and the beauty revitalizing effects of a  dip in the salt of the sea are not in your head.  June Jacobs Age Defying Ultimate Overnight Copper Marine Masque, is a natural, paraben, synthetic dye/ fragrance and sulfate free masque. It’s formulated with a multi-mineral complex of Sea lavender, red algae, marine- derived elastin and sweet almond to lock in moisture and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. The formula is potent yet soothing and will also help banish tired skin, boosts collagen and even fight off free radical damage through its antioxidant blend of green, red and white tea extracts. When we use this masque, we wake up to a revived and supple complexion.


We don’t mess around when it comes to our skincare routine. We are always diligent about cleansing, moisturizing, treating and of course, using weekly masks. Not only does this keep our skin from losing its luster, we get a little ego boost  each time we wow people with our complexion’s luminosity! We get the most glow for our buck from DECLÉOR Life Radiance Flash Radiance Mask. It is a 3-minute botanical powerhouse mask that boosts radiance, corrects rosy skin tones and banishes blemishes in the blink of an eye! When we apply this mask, we can feel the fruit acid complex penetrating our skin’s surface to slough off the dead skin cells and the increased microcirculation aka purification of our skin at every level to reveal a brighter and renewed face.


Mom’s Time-Saving Beauty Giveaway Week 4: Firming

Everyone has their own tried- and true anti-aging tips. There are the classics like using SPF daily, but here’s a beauty fact you might not know, the skin starts losing elasticity in your early 20s (scary,right). Well thanks to Veneffect Firming Neck and Decollete Creme, you can keep your skin healthy and young by simply adding this made in the U.S.A’s luxurious creme into your daily routine. Veneffect targets two of the most delicate areas, the neck, and decolletage, which  reveal signs of aging first.  It is a groundbreaking formula that combines 7 top of the line anti-aging ingredients to reduce and prevent fine lines, deep wrinkles, and dull skin. Its exclusive Matrixyl 3000  peptide formula stimulates collagen production and reduces wrinkles in the neck area by 39%. While it’s blend of exclusive Phytoestrogen, Vitamin C and B restores skin’s vitality and glow by lightening age spots and evening skin tone. To further preserve the results its shea butter component restores and provides long-lasting moisture, which is locked in by beeswax ( a natural barrier for the skin).  The end result is seriously soft and supple skin.


One of our favorite things to do in life is laugh, but that doesn’t mean we are thrilled to see pronounced laugh lines on our face. So, we decided to seek out professional help. Enter beauty icon Marisa Berenson,the woman that YSL bestowed the title of “the It Girl” of the Seventies” ( we aren’t going to argue with YSL). She believes in a holistic and natural approach to anti-aging and discovered nature’s holy grail ingredient: the Moroccan Prickly Pear. The Marisa Berenson Filler is a convenient roller. which allows for the simple yet effective application designed to effortlessly smooth lines and lift the skin. It immediately transfers its key ingredients (Pricky Pear extract, Hyaluronic acid, and Lavender Oil) to moisturize, plump and stimulate cell renewal. It can also be applied over makeup for a little pick-me-up before a girl’s night out.

Marisa Berenson SUBLIME CARE Filler

Mom’s Time-Saving Beauty Giveaway Week 3: Teeth


Our main goal in life is for our smile to look like we aren’t a serious coffee addict. Luckily, our beauty arsenal contains Supersmile Quikee, which delivers maximum teeth whitening benefits with minimal effort. This professional on-the-go whitening pen removes heavy coffee AND red wine stains (we love any product that is vino approved) through its formula of Calprox and Urea Hydrogen Peroxide. It is also fortified with a calcium and phosphate combination to re-mineralize tooth enamel aka protect your teeth in between brushing. This pen earns serious bonus points for its quick-dissolving formula that works without rinsing.

Mom’s Time-Saving Beauty Giveaway Week 3: Gift Set


Countless skincare systems require tons of products to see any results. But, who has the time in the morning to complete a six treatment routine? Not us! ClarityMD’s 2-Step System is simple and effective meaning the path to clear skin is no fuss and no drama. Use the Deep Pore cleanser and clarifying Serum morning and night then follow with your regular routine (it really is that simple). According to ClarityMD, “The cleanser is “water-light and works to lift excess oils, dirt, debris, dead skin and makeup effortlessly while delivering their proprietary “cocktail” of bionutrients to the skin. Packing the potent acne-eliminating forces of Salicylic Acid, Bakuchiol, Glycolic Acid and Chamomile Extract, ClarityMD clears up to 91% of acne in as little as 14 days.” To further ensure skin is left 100% clear, this set includes a free konjac sponge comprised of charcoal and bamboo to neutralize the skin’s pH and reveal smooth and clear skin.

Mom’s Time-Saving Beauty Giveaway Week 2: Eyes

Let’s just say our first name mise well be efficiency, if we make a trip to the powder room, you better believe we will be refilling our lemon water and doing a quick stretch, which is why our eye products have to share the same proactive mindset. So, for week 2 of our giveaway, we have rounded up our favorite eye products that work instantly and have dual benefits.

WUNDERLIFT: This moisturizing eye cream is formulated with FlexTensor Technology (the combination of a skin-level firming matrix + color correctors) to reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in 60 seconds!  On top of that, WUNDERLIFT also releases a micro-filler complex full of nano-HA particles that penetrate into the surface of the skin to fill and plump for long-lasting anti-aging benefits. Unlike other formulas, it does not flake or leave a residue behind, so your skin looks tight and firm for up to 8 hours.

WUNDERBROW:  Any esthetician worth their salt, will tell you that the key to a polished look is your brow game.  Enter, WUNDERBROW, the one-step solution to all your brow woes. It is formulated with Permafix Technology and proprietary Hair Fiber Complex to create the perfect brow in less than 2 minutes.  This one-of-a-kind formula tints (even grays), fills any gaps and ensures brows are perfectly sculpted for days.

Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches with Soothing Cornflower: Your eyes don’t lie and when you are battling a weeklong insomnia bout all the eye cream and concealer won’t revive your tired eyes.  It’s time to call in for reinforcements to rid your peepers of puffiness and fine lines. The most effective way to do that is by using Klorane’s patches. Each patch is infused with rapid acting botanicals to soothe, soften, refresh and brighten the eye area.

KLORANE Smoothing and relaxing patches with soothing cornflower

TELL US, What beauty product do you use because your mom did?

Mom’s Time-Saving Beauty Giveaway Week 1: Peel


As much as we dream that we could spend an hour pampering our skin with the attentiveness of a skilled esthetician that simply isn’t the case (sometimes we can barely remember to take our makeup off). Fortunately for us (and you), Glytone has created the Rejuvenating Mini Gel Peel with the on-the- go woman in mind. In a mere 10 minutes, this effective treatment exfoliates and retexturizes to reveal younger, even-toned and luminous skin!

TELL US, What’s the best time-saving tip your mom gave you?

132 Responses

  1. Kate Noll

    Mom’s quick mask tip — HONEY. Leaves your skin soft and sweet.

  2. Christina M.

    <3 Witch Hazel is the best thing my mom found that works, and I use to now too.

  3. May Lynn Mahler

    My Mama always said to make sure to wash your face before bed no matter what! And in the morning, invigorate your face with an ice cold bath!

  4. Alexis Foster

    Love the products in the May spotlight! There’s a little bit of everything for every beauty dilemma.

  5. Leah Allen

    Thank you for doing this. All the products look amazing and I would love to have them and share with my 2 adult girls who still live at home. We love our beauty products.

  6. Alex Stephens

    Commented on the Blog, Following on Instagram and also shared on Pinterest and Facebook! Thank you again!!

  7. Wanda Tracey

    My mom’s best advice was to do some daily facial exercises like
    smiling and just making faces in general to stretch the face and
    chin areas.The exercises can be done in conjunction with some
    gentle massaging to tone the skin, and bring the circulation to these
    areas.This is a great way to prevent the skin from sagging and it’s very

  8. Christina C.

    My mom used a thick cream at night so I started to add well.

  9. Christie R.

    Wash and dry your hair the night before. The style will hold better and you won’t be rushed.

  10. Wanda Tracey

    Mom’s best tip is to do a few facial exercises every day by smiling ,stretching the face and chin area and just generally making faces. Haha …it really works well to take years off of your looks and to keep the skin from sagging.It’s good to do a little facial massaging as you do the exercises too.

  11. Tina Knezevic

    The best time-saving tip my mom gave me is to Vaseline petroleum jelly on my face as it prevents wrinkles and does not clog pores. My skin looks 10 years younger than I truly am! Love you Mom!

  12. LeeAnn P

    best time saving tip from mom was to do as much prep work in advance as possible.

  13. Terri Michaud

    Mom always had a tray with her daily beauty regimen set up in advance. No fumbling around in the medicine cabinet or make-up bag. All your products are in reach and visible! She could get ready in a flash no matter what the occasion!

  14. Erin Campbell

    Commented on the Blog, Following on Instagram and also shared on Pinterest and Facebook! Thank you again!!

  15. Erin Campbell

    Thank you so much for This giveaway! I love spa week and all these items up for grabs are awesome!!

  16. Liz

    All of these products are amazing, especially the wunderbrow!! you could probably swim with that stuff on your brows!!

  17. Kate Noll

    Mom’s best firming quick-tip – do a gentle face massage on yourself every night.

    • Joan Costello

      I could really use this combination of products and I’ve heard amazing things about them!

  18. Alison K

    TELL US, What beauty product do you use because your mom did = Pond’s for makeup removing.
    TELL US, What’s the best time-saving tip your mom gave you = pack lunch the night before

  19. Christina C.

    My mom uses egg whites to create a mask. It helps forms and lightens the skin.

  20. Audrey Vaught

    Best time saving tip is prepare in advance. Last minute always takes longer!

  21. Amy

    My mom didn’t wear much makeup, but always thought that you should dress to impress. Miss her

  22. Sarah Oswald

    Have everything ready the night before it make for an easy morning!

  23. Katy

    Mom’s tip: When you don’t want to do something is when you need to do it most. You’ll thank yourself later! It’s so true!

  24. jennifer aguero

    I love each product this momma of 4 definitely needs some pampering.

  25. Catherine Burke

    Wash & moisturize in the Shower – saves lots of time in the morning.

  26. Nicole Acuna

    I use Bulgarian rose water as a facial toner and moisturizing mist just like my mom did (and still does). It smells amazing and works so well, it even helps set my makeup!

  27. cher

    My mom never wore makeup and had this thing about shaving her user thighs said not to do it and for whatever reason i have never worn makeup or shaved my upper thigh. She did take great care of her skin though and without using expensive ingredients always looked younger than her years.

  28. angela eagle

    my mom told me to lay out my clothes the night before and to use dual purpose products like foundation with sunscreen

  29. Klydra Pugh

    My mom used Olay moisturizer and so do I
    Thanks for the chance

  30. Sarah Hirsch

    My mom told me to find products that serve dual purposes, like a foundation that has sunscreen in it.

  31. Diane Ladnier

    I’ve been using Vaseline to moisturize my lips for years because my mom always carried a little tube of it in her purse. As far as I’m concerned, nothing fixes dry, chapped lips more efficiently than this stuff does.

  32. latanya

    lay out school clothes and have lunch prepacked the night before

  33. Linda A

    my mom told me to pre-plan my meals for the week & it saves tons of time & money

  34. Linda A

    pre-plan your meals for the week & you’ll save tons of time every day.

  35. Kyra

    Take showers at night, getting ready in the morning takes 5 minutes 🙂

  36. Anna Tetreault

    Brush your teeth, floss, drink less coffee and don’t smoke! 🙂 those are the only tips I could offer for whiter teeth.

  37. Brianna Beers

    I would really love to try the Deep Pore Cleaner! Thank you for this chance to try before I buy, I think I would fall in love with these products!

  38. Trisha B.

    I learned from my mom to choose one day a week to complete all my shopping and other errands to help save lots of time.

  39. Trisha B.

    My most favorite tip that I learned from my mom is to choose one day a week to complete all shopping and other errands to save time

  40. Kimberly Flickinger

    Wear sunscreen daily and remove makeup before going to bed..

  41. Michele Mazzarella

    I have two sets of makeup. One for home and one in a travel bag for trips and nights out. Makes things easier if you’re always on the go.

  42. Rebecca

    My mom taught me to always use sunblock. She was really into sunbathing when she was younger & has a few spots on her arm that have been biopsied & came back positive for skin cancer.

  43. Rebecca

    To me taking care of your teeth & having them as white as possible is an important part of your health & your smile. 🙂

  44. Belle

    Pick 5 items out of your makeup bag that make your routine easier on your days when you have to rush

  45. Belle

    Pick 5 basic items in your makeup bag that make the days when you have to rush easier to get ready.

  46. Grace Dressler

    Make sure you keep items stocked up- its easier that way you don’t have to worry about running out

  47. Jennifer

    All these products sound and look terribly! Would just love to try these! Thank you!

  48. Christa Lopez

    My mom always said to take your make-up off before bed. I use quick make-up removing wipes to save time.

  49. kathy decicco

    Lay your clothes for work out the night before, and get a coffee maker with an automatic timer!

  50. cynthia gagliardi

    My mother believed we need to remove all makeup, sunscreen, everything before bed. She also used Oil of Olay, which was the best at the time.

  51. tiffany dover

    These are amazing tips for crazy busy moms like me! Saving time throughout the day is a must and sometimes we can’t figure out where to save time next. Thanks for helping us moms!



  53. Nicole Shaffer

    My mom taught me since I was an early teen to use Oil of Olay face cream daily, she has the best skin!

  54. Angela Mason

    Less is more. Do not get carried away with your make-up. most men would like to know the real you.

  55. Tiara Disney

    I would ♡love♡ to try all of these products. I would be able to have lovely at-home mommy spa days 😍

  56. Stephanie V.

    To prepare food, clothes and schedule the night before to reduce a frantic morning and day.

  57. c berkowitz

    I learned that you don’t have to depend on one company for all your cosmetic needs. One company has the best mascara, another the best eye makeup remover!

  58. Colleen | @the905foodie

    My Mom told me if nothing else use moisturizer on your face & gloss on your lips. It’s quick and makes you look pulled together – plus your skin is protected.

  59. Jamie Johnson

    The best time saving tip came from my mother after she had been dying from cancer for over 7 years. We were having one of our last talks, and she was trying to keep it light. She could see I was holding back tears, and said, Baby, don’t cry, it’ll just ruin your makeup. She said if you know you’re going to cry, best invest in a good waterproof mascara. That and a big pair of sunglasses. She also said on days when you don’t even want to leave the house, let alone put on your face, just swipe on some red lipstick, spray some good perfume, and out the door you go. My mom was right, as usual. Love and miss you every day Mom! xoxo, Jamie

  60. Tava

    get your clothing & shoes picked out set the skin care by the sink, makeup near the mirror and keys by the door before you go to bed so that when anything goes wrong in the morning from wee ones to rolling over and going back to sleep you’re as set for the day as you can be

  61. Samantha B

    The best time saving tip Mom taught me was courtesy gets you farther, faster.

  62. onyinye Elochukwu

    Best time saving tip i learned from mom was to get multi purpose products, be it cosmetics, home gadgets etc

  63. Suzanne

    Mascara dried out? Soak the tube in a glass of hot water before applying, it will go on smooth every time! 🙂

  64. Sandy Weinstein

    my mother taught me to always use sunscreen all of the time even though she was a sun lover. she said she did not want me to get the dark spots on my skin like she had. no instagram.

  65. Michelle Deitz

    My mom taught me to always take care of your looks! LOL She was always a fashionista! She love doing her makeup everyday! She would take hours lol nothing time-saving! She was a beautician, so you can understand.


    ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed and always use sunblock, not only in summertime

  67. Sarah Piche

    Wow, I wish I wasn’t the poor phD student I am, I could get such awesome products. I usually tend to buy Clinique cosmetics since I never have allergic reactions to them. However, they are quite expensive so I compensate with cheap make-up like Essence and Marcelle or sample or Lancôme once in a while 🙂

  68. Elisse

    The best time-saving tip my mom gave me was how to “multi-task”- back before that was a word! LOL

  69. Cynthia Knisely

    My Mom taught me to use the best skincare products and cosmetics. Her favorite cosmetic line was Estee Lauder.

  70. Roxana Barriere

    Week 2 answer: Clinique..started with the 3 step skin care kit.

  71. CMC

    That beauty comes from within, but always make sure you take your makeup off before going to bed!

  72. helenlam

    Doing things ahead of time instead of last minute actually saves you time in the long run (and you do a better job too!)

  73. Susan P.

    Week 2:
    TELL US, What beauty product do you use because your mom did? Pond’s Cold Cream

  74. Mary W

    My Mother did not wear makeup so I had to learn tips and techniques on my own. I did learn one beauty tip from her – do not smoke! Causes wrinkles! She was proof of this.

  75. Nancy

    Mom’s beauty products and mine differ. Mom’s a minimalist. However she used Shiseido and Shaklee products which are classics.

  76. Jessica Herring

    Putting the mascara at the defroster vent when it’s cold helps to make it work better!

  77. Yumsy

    List all the things you need to buy so you dont forget stuff. Saves time and money.

  78. amy stonger

    My moms time saving tip was to lay out clothes and pack bags/lunches the night before.

  79. Linda Peters

    My mother told me to prep my clothes and lunch for the next day the night before. That way your not running around stressing over getting these tasks done. I followed this advise right up until I retired. Great advise.

  80. Erin Ellis

    My best time-saving tip that my mom ever gave me was apply moisturizer right after the shower, so it will have time to set. Then when you are ready for make-up your face will be too! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  81. Eugenie

    Mom’s best time saving tip was to have everything ready to go the night before.

  82. Kathy Noll

    Best Time-Saving tip Mom gave me — pick out your clothing and makeup the night before to save time in the morning!

  83. PC

    My mother taught me to use multi-purpose products in order to save time and money. For example, I use foundation with sunscreen or tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.


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