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What’s the number one thing we all want from our workouts? RESULTS! That is exactly what you will get from SLT (strength, length and tone). But, don’t let the sleek studio and trendy equipment fool you, you are in for one HUMBLING 50 minute workout. SLT classes utilize the pilates- based Lagree Method to deliver a low-impact but high-intensity full-body workout via the megaformer (a machine with sliding platforms, pulleys, resistance bands). They have concocted the perfect mix of cardio, strength training, pilates and stretching. The movements are designed to be slow and controlled to maximize results (aka you will sweat, shake and feel soreness in places you didn’t know could be sore)! Better sore than sorry, right? Read our interview with SLT Founder and CEO, Amanda Freeman to start your reSuLTs driven journey.



Photo courtesy of SLT NYC

What makes SLT stand out?

The reSuLTs are what make SLT such an amazing workout.  You can instantly feel muscles working that you never felt before and be sore in places and in ways you never experienced.  But, best of all, the changes in definition to your body are unparalleled.

Tell us about your background as a fitness instructor?

I am an accidental fitness instructor.  When I started SLT, I didn’t intend to teach classes myself.  I have an MBA and assumed I’d stay on the business side of the business.  But, I decided to go through training with the original crop of instructors so that I could be knowledgeable about the workout and be equipped to give feedback to the instructors. But, about a month into being open, one of our instructors got hurt on her way into the studio to teach her classes (a bike accident) and I had to teach the class.  I wasn’t horrible at it, so I became the back up sub and it spiraled from there.

What’s the one thing you always do when planning a class?

I spend a lot of time planning out the music and coordinating it to the routine I’m going to teach that day.  I always put myself in the shoes of the clients and choose a routine I’d want to take and use music that I’d find inspiring to help me push through 50-minutes of hard work.  I always start out with something mellower, but with a good beat to ease clients into the workout and end with the most motivating songs.


Photo courtesy of SLT NYC

Describe the atmosphere? Ideal demographic? All levels?

The studio’s vibe is private, high-end, and minimalist.  While our clientele is varied (men/women, ages 22-62, all body types). They are hard-working and reSuLTs-oriented.  And they all want a challenging, intense and effective and efficient full-body workout.  This is not a workout you can “phone in,” so it may not be for everyone. Editor’s note: Seriously, you will be pushed to your limits, so we recommend that you lead an active lifestyle before trying this class. 

What is your ultimate health/fitness tip you swear by?

Include your workout intentions at the top of your daily to-do list.  If you don’t prioritize it and write it down, you are more likely to let it slide.


Photo courtesy of SLT NYC

When I’m teaching, I’m most impressed by a student who…?

Struggles a great deal in their first few classes, but still pushes through and continues to come back.

What are your workout beauty/fashion essentials?

– Clean Slate Wipes – I rarely have the opportunity to run home to shower and change post-workout, so I rely on Mio’s Clean Slate Wipes to do a faux post-workout cleaning.  I use them on everything from my face to my underarms.

– Twistbands – I live in fear of being without a hair tie when I go to workout and not all studios offer backup hair ties if you forget one (SLT does!!!).  My go-to hair tie is Twistband as it doesn’t make dents in your ‘do like others do.  I always keep a package of fun colors in my bag…just in case!

– Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – When I have to fake a shower post-workout, I rely on Oribe’s dry shampoo to get me from workout to dinner out.  I like that it hides the oil that might have accumulated in my sweat session and adds volume and texture emulating the results of a blow out.

 Sticky Be Socks – I love that these comfy socks also have positive statements on them reminding me throughout my workout to “be strong” and “be present”.

 Ultracor Leggings – I love their leggings with all my heart.  The patterns are simple and flattering and the built in underwear sucks your tush up in just the right way.


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