Hey, Mama!

Ya, I’m talking to you.

Did you know that getting regular massages will make you a better mom?

No, seriously, you’ll actually be able to squeeze more into your day. PTA bake sale, parentPAM3 supervisor of your child’s field trip, Martha Stewart-worthy garden, daily three-course dinners perfectly proportions for protein, carbs, and veggie/fruits-you got this in the bag, girl!

Okay, maybe all that is a stretch. But, according to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of massages, as well as other stress-reduction techniques such as deep breathing or yoga, can:

  • improve concentration and mood
  • lower fatigue
  • Reduce anger and frustration
  • Boost confidence to handle problems

What mom doesn’t want all of the above? Check. Check. Check. Check.

With all the walking, hustling, laundry lifting, grocery lugging, yada yada, that I do, I couldn’t think of a better self-love gift than a de-stressing foot massage.

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing the Royal Thai Foot Treatment at Sheva Spa, a new pampering oasis in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Richly soothing décor. Lights out mask. Zen-sational iPod nano mini loaded with tranquil music. Thai tea. Ridiculously comfortable chairs. And, I haven’t PAM2even gotten to my massage service.

The foot treatment was a #MeaningfulMeMoments for the books.

After waking up at 5:30am to write a blog post for PiecesofPam and review footage for upcoming Pamela+Vanessa #momsandwhine episodes, doing the morning hustle with my two toddlers, daycare drop-off before 8am, 2-hour commute into Manhattan, non-stop press previews (which loaded my shoulders with bags full of heavy products), and walking several blocks to Sheva Spa because no cab was available, this treatment was truly a gift from the heavens above.

Everyday stresses take a toll on your body and your emotional well-being.

Massaging your feet can actually help rejuvenate your whole body, both inside and out. As my therapist, Ivy, explained, using a Thai massage stick at various pressure points on the foot stimulates nerve function, improves sinus congestion, increases energy, boosts circulation, and supports a deep state of relaxation.

I’m in. Good thing Sheva has a membership program for regulars.

Whether it’s a foot treatment, scalp massage or a soothing scrub, find time for you in your schedule. Prioritize wellness and de-stressing and you’ll find yourself smiling and glowing in all corners of your life – mommy life included!


Guest Blogger: Pamela Pekerman is a TV Lifestyle Expert, Influencer and Editor of www.PiecesofPam.com, that focuses on smart style and beauty tips that help busy women and moms Always Be Your Best You. She shares her double-duty beauty, time-savers, and fashion-fixes on Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, VH1, HSN and morning shows from NY to LA.  She’s passionate about Meaningful Me Moments, comfy shoes, her husband, children and coral lipstick.

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  1. Jessica Cross

    I always ask for a massage for my Mother’s Day present. It is more for the commitment of others helping me take time alone rather than the money for the massage. If my husband give me a gift certificate he knows he is agreeing to scheduling an afternoon of me-time.


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