Welcome to Workout Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, we will be providing you with the inside scoop on all things fitness! This week, read about our sweat for a cause with The Movement

We love a good workout, but we LIVE for workouts that have us sweat for a cause. The Movement is one such gym that believes in giving back. They donate $1 per person per class to the National Brain Tumor Society. If that isn’t enough of a reason to convert you into a Movement fan for life, their 7 classes, which blend yoga, barre, resistance training and cross flow certainly will. Classes range from 45 minutes to and hour, and will have you challenge and engage your body in fun and new ways.  The Movement is all about providing effective workouts while creating a community of happy members. Read our interview with energetic and encouraging instructor, Janeil Mason, to get encouraged to get moving!

Photo courtesy of The Movement

What makes The Movement stand out?
The Movement stands out because of its dedication to giving back! $1 per person per class is donated to cancer research.
 Tell us about your background as a fitness instructor?
I’ve been teaching group fitness for three years, I started out with primarily danced based fitness programming because as a dancer that is what I was most comfortable with. After falling in love with other types of fitness programming and learning the importance of incorporating weight-bearing exercise into my lifestyle, I started to incorporate more resistance and weight bearing exercise methods into my teaching. I am also currently in school for a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology at Columbia University.
 What’s the one thing you always do when planning a class?
Have a good playlist! Research shows that motivational music improves performance in class. When putting together my playlist, I try to align the music with movements that will be executed in the class.

Photo courtesy of The Movement

Describe the atmosphere? Ideal demographic? All levels?
Atmosphere= Sweat hard, have fun! My class is tailored for fitness lovers of all levels. The bands are great for adding intensity to the simplest of movements. Using the ReXist360 bands you will gain improved:  athletic performance, strength, speed, and endurance while building lean muscle and torching fat.
What is your go-to pre & post workout snack?
I love smoothies! When I make my own I love to add vegan protein, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries, almond butter, and coconut almond milk! Having protein post a resistance training workout is best for optimal muscular growth.
What is your ultimate health/fitness tip you swear by?
Practice good form! Performing exercises without knowing proper form is counterproductive. Take the time to look in the mirror while doing the exercise to adjust on your own or ask someone if you are doing the movement correctly.

Photo courtesy of The Movement

I always tell people who are intimidated to take my class to…?
Have fun! I will lead you through the exercises and you do your best. Fitness is about improvement, so the next time you take a class, you’ll feel more comfortable about the movements then you did the first time.
 When I’m teaching, I’m most impressed by a student who…?
Smiles while they are working out. It’s always nice to see someone enjoying themselves while they are working out. Exercise isn’t a punishment, being able to move your body for health benefits is a beautiful thing. Your energy affects the energy of those around you.
When I’m feeling unmotivated to work out I…?
I remind myself how great I’m going to feel after the workout. I usually take group fitness classes, so when I am feeling unmotivated I usually try to uplift those around me like giving someone a high five!

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