The other day, we were getting a blowout and our hairdresser commented on how porous (porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture) our hair was. We pride ourselves on our beauty knowledge, but that one definitely caused us to have an a-ha moment as we hadn’t taken that into account when choosing and styling our hair. He breezed by it and sent us on our way. But his comment made us realize that we should definitely be taking our hair porosity into account ( and you should too), so we reached out to Jay Jackson Jr., DreamDry Senior Stylist and Educator, to find our how you should care for your hair according to your porosity level.


Photo courtesy via Jay Jackson Jr.


How to tell  if your hair is low or high porosity:

“You need to figure out what your hair looks like when you get out of the shower. For example, a lot of blondes when they get out of the shower, their ends are always dry, so their hair porous type is extremely high. You can see this with overly processed hair as well,” Jackson Jr. states.” High porosity hair types will always absorb and lose moisture quickly.  An indicator of low porous hair is if water is constantly wicking off  not damp but is actually wet.”Low porosity hair doesn’t absorb moisture quickly and therefore won’t lose moisture easily either.

How to treat high porous hair: 

Image via Oribe

Image via Oribe

Since high porosity hair loses its moisture so fast, you want to use products that will replenish the lost moisture but also ones that seal off the hair cuticle.  If you are going to use a hair mask to restore moisture, you need to make sure you use it properly and leave it on the whole time otherwise so your hair isn’t soaking up the needed ingredients. It is an intensive mask so you can’t do it briefly. Another great trick is creating your own 2-in-1 product. When you are in the shower, put conditioner on the tips of your end, lather up your scalp with shampoo and rinse it out. If your hair needs it, then you can recondition for extra moisturizing benefits. but this way your ends aren’t being ripped apart by your shampoo. Some of Jackson Jr’s favorite product lines for high porosity hair include Aveda’s Dry Remedy and Moisture and Control by Oribe.

How to treat low porous hair: 

If you have low porosity hair you need to avoid heavy products as well as formulas with high protein levels because this causes product build-up and will cause the hair cuticle to become more brittle.  Jackson Jr’s number one tip is to,” forget the rule about washing your hair a few times a week. If you want to grow your hair stronger, longer and healthier, you need that scalp stimulation that comes from washing your hair.” Then in terms of styling products, “you should be looking for alcohol based because the alcohol will disperse the water and evaporate it.  A personal favorite of Jackson Jr’s is Oribe’s Royal Blowout, the alcohol in it speeds up the dry time,so the wicking that low porosity hair usually gets from the water is transformed into absorption and is slowly integrated into the hair shaft.”



















*featured image via Marie Claire

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