By now, you know which brush is best for highlighting and which to use to contour like a pro, but do you know how to care for your makeup brushes? Washing your makeup brushes should be an integral part of your beauty routine because it removes bits of makeup, oil and bacteria, which all contribute to congestion/clogged pores and those dreaded breakouts. We talked to Creative Director of Sigma Beauty, Amanda Williams, to find out how to properly care for and preserve the quality of your makeup brushes.


Photo via Sigma Beauty

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

Every week. It’s the best way to keep bacteria off your face and ensure that your color application is strong and clean!

How do you do it?

Sigma has four gadgets to clean your brushes. They are all amazing and just a little different in size and portability. I use the Sigma Spa® Mat because I clean my brushes in my kitchen sink, which is large, and I usually clean many brushes one at a time. The textures on the mat break up the makeup in my brushes much better than using my hand as a cleaning tool.

Do you have a favorite DIY brush cleaner recipe? 

I usually use shampoo but very soon I will be using the new Sigma Brush Cleanser – Sigmagic!  In general, I feel that a mild soap works well, nothing harsh or overly scented. Editor’s Note, be on the look for Sigmagic end of summer/early fall.  Until then you can use our approved DIY brush cleaner recipe:

1 Teaspoon of vinegar

1 Teaspoon of olive oil

1 Teaspoon of Dawn dish detergent

Mix the 3 ingredients together with your brush

Swirl brush on Sigma Spa Mat

Rinse brush


Lay brushes pointed downward to dry

How do you dry your brushes (if you don’t have the Dry’n Shape Tower®)?

I do use the Dry’n Shape Tower®, but before I had that I squeezed my brushes dry with a towel and left them flat to dry. Soon we will also be launching a smaller dry and shape gadget that I know I will be using often; this is the year of brush cleaning and care at Sigma!

How do you know when a brush is kaput?

If a brush is falling apart or losing a lot of hair, I’d say it’s on its last leg. It’s important to take good care of your brushes so that they last a long time; they are an investment. Don’t submerge the whole brush in water, and use the Dry’n Shape Tower® to keep them like new. The synthetic fibers we have are amazing and last much longer than animal hair because they do not crack and break off the brush. Investing in high-performance synthetic fiber brushes like our SigmaTech® and Sigmax® fibers is a great way to make your brushes stand the test of time.

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