Is it time to spice up your fitness routine? Try dance cardio, one of the newest and hottest fitness trends. Dance cardio combines a variety of unique moves to work all the different muscle groups, while blasting the latest tracks from Beyonce and Zedd. Though it gets you fit and tone, it feels less like a strenuous workout and more like a dance party.

Best of all, you don’t need rhythm or killer dance moves to master dance cardio. Anyone can do it, and we’re sharing the gear, attitude and techniques you need to rock your first class!


Dress the Part

At your dance cardio class, expect to be moving constantly and performing medium-to-high impact activity. Your regular gym sneakers will work well for the first few classes, but then you’ll want to invest in a shoe specifically designed for dance cardio. A dance-specific shoe will provide ample support while allowing you to twist and turn more freely and smoothly.

As for your clothing, your attire should be comfortable, breathable and easy to move in. For a boost of confidence, wear something cute that will keep you motivated, like these pieces from Beyonce’s Ivy Park and //OUT Incorporated.

Don’t Hide in the Back of the Class

Like with any fitness class, the regulars tend to gravitate to the front, while the newbies pick a spot in the back.  While your first class can be a little intimidating, don’t hide in the back of the class. Pick a spot where you have a good view of the instructor, so you can mirror his/her movements. Also, stand in front of a mirror, so you can see yourself and ensure you’re doing the moves correctly.


Work on Your Footwork First

Dancing involves learning choreography that incorporates your entire body. But, the main focus of dancing is the footwork. Master the footwork first. Then add the arms once you feel comfortable and confident with your lower body movements.

Don’t Overthink It

No one in the class expects you to move like a professional dancer. Don’t worry about making the wrong move or embarrassing yourself. Just focus on toning your body and having fun! If you mess up the choreography or lose your place, keep moving by jogging in place or jumping up and down.

With these tips, you’ll be ready for your first dance cardio class. Expect a great workout and to fall in love with this burgeoning fitness trend!

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