Hey face, I think we need to chat. It’s summer in NYC, which means nonstop humidity, aka not conducive weather for our makeup to be long-lasting. We really don’t want to cover you in concealer and BB creams but if you keep giving us breakouts, what choice do you leave us? We know  June is your month aka Acne Awareness month, but would it kill you to be a little less visible (we swear, the separation will do us good)? You have left us no choice, but to call out the big guns, Kur Skin Lab, to find out how to prevent and get rid of you for good. Kur Skin Lab is our leading skincare sanctuary within the city as owner Kevin Oh tailors his years of expert knowledge to each individual client (one facial from Oh will make vast improvements to your skin and a series of facials will finally give you the skin of your dreams). Read our interview with Oh below to find out what you can do at home to combat acne.

Photo via KUR Skin Lab

Photo via KUR Skin Lab

June is Acne Awareness month, what is your number one tip for acne sufferers?

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Gentle exfoliation once to twice a week is definitely an important part of reducing your chance of acne. This decongests pores and keeps them clear of oil and material buildup. Exfoliation not only prevents clogged pores but also allows for treatment products, such as retinol, to penetrate your skin. One of Oh’s top recommendations for acne and  retinol treatment is PCA Skin’s The Acne Control Regimen (carried at Kur Skin Lab), which is an all-inclusive kit that was designed specifically to see dramatic improvements in skin clarity in one week or less.  It includes products containing benzoyl peroxide, which is a tried-and-true method to shrink breakouts and prevent future blemishes, clogged pores etc. and a retinol night treatment that turns over cells to reduce scarring, discoloration and future breakouts. When used daily in tandem, this system delivers better results than any prescription topical we have used (trust us, you NEED to buy this kit now).

Phto via PCA Skin

Photo via PCA Skin

How is adult acne different than teen acne?

When it comes to acne, hormonal fluctuation is a much more common contributor than age. This can be seen in teenagers going through puberty and in women during their menstruation cycle. In addition to hormones, adult acne can also be triggered by other factors such as stress, cosmetics, lack of sleep or certain medications.

What is a PCA Peel and what makes it so effective? How many treatments are recommended?

Acne is variable and often requires a complex combination of treatment regimens. Our PCA Peel simultaneously addresses various causes of acne. Individualized treatments will be tailored to your specific skin condition and may include chemical peels, therapeutic masks, customized treatment serums infusion, retinoid enhancements or other advanced acne solutions that best address the unique needs of your skin. I would recommend getting a treatment done once a month to ensure a clear complexion and blemish free skin.

If you pick at a breakout, what is the best way to take care of it?

First of all, DON’T! Picking at a breakout or constantly touching your face will actually proliferate bacteria and lead to more acne. It will also result in acne scarring. If you do find yourself picking at your acne treat it with a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide which will deliver oxygen to the follicle and kill the anaerobic bacteria.

Post-treatment tips? Will you be able to wear makeup?

Your skin will need to heal and may flake, a process that takes roughly a week. During this first week I recommend you do not wear any makeup, however, it is safe to apply light makeup as soon as the following day. However, it is important that you do not expose your skin directly to extreme temperatures such as; blow dryers, hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, cold water or direct sunlight. ABSOLUTELY no tanning booths three weeks after, or prior to, treatment.

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