Welcome to Workout Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, we will be providing you with the inside scoop on all things fitness! We have partnered with Crunch for our June Mend Your Man Giveaway, which honors men’s fitness. To coincide with that and not alienate our ladies, we will be featuring one of Crunch’s customized classes for the rest of June! 

Crunch is an industry leader nationwide, so it is no surprise that they continue to wow us with their innovative classes tailored to giving their customers the best workout for their buck. Now that summer is in full swing, and people are actively squeezing in extra workouts before their weekend beach days, Crunch has released their new program called CUTT, (Crunch Ultimate Team Training) to deliver results long past Labor Day. Their new program is a small team driven environment that was designed to engage all levels of fitness and allow their personal trainers to optimize each participant’s fitness goals. Each class is 50-minutes long and will incorporate a variety of techniques and workout routines that are guaranteed to challenge you and get your heart pumping. At the end of class, each member will get a personalized summary of their workout, which includes their sweat score aka effort during the class, current heart rate, the current percentage of max heart rate, the length of time in current heart rate zone and total calories burned. Read our interview below, with Johnny Briones, Fitness Manager at Crunch 59th and former competitive boxer, to see if you are ready to get CUTT with Crunch (and you should be because we burned over 1,100 calories during our CUTT experience).

Photo via Crunch

What makes Crunch stand out?

Crunch stands out because of our No Judgments philosophy. We cater to all fitness levels, from those with little to no fitness experience, to professional athletes and everything in between. Our personal training program boasts the highest level trainers of any commercial gym in the world. Our in-house trainer education program is second to none, ensuring that your training experience is unparalleled.

What’s the one thing you always do when planning a class?

When planning a CUTT small group training session, I always come prepared with a program. We don’t “wing it” or “make it up” at Crunch. I also make sure that I have regressions and progressions of all of the planned exercises so that I can adjust class content for students / clients of all levels.

Photo via Crunch

Describe the atmosphere? Ideal demographic? All levels?

The atmosphere in one of my CUTT sessions is always high-energy, fun and friendly, yet competitive. The small group training culture provides a motivating environment for all participants that is only augmented by the heart rate monitor display. Seeing the physiological response of other students pushes everyone to work harder. The ideal demographic is anyone who wants to come to work, regardless of fitness level. Myself and the other instructors are always prepped to adapt for all levels. Unlike other popular classes, we do not just recklessly “kill” our clients. Even the most deconditioned person can attend a CUTT workout and feel challenged within their means, but not unfairly “punished.” Exercise should be fun! However, everyone works hard and we have enough progressions to intelligently challenge even the fittest athletes on the planet.

What is your ultimate health/fitness tip you swear by?

My ultimate health/fitness tip that I swear by is consistency. You can have the best program in the world but if you are not consistent, you will not get anything from it. You will end up starting over every single time. Too often people have an All-or-Nothing mentality and I have to remind them that it’s better to deposit $10 in the bank daily, so-to-speak than to invest $20 weekly. Similarly, it’s better to knock out a quick 20-30 minute workout as a minimum 5-6 days/week, as opposed to only hitting the gym 1-2x per week for a full 60-minute workout.

Image via Fitwirr

Image via Fitwirr

What is your favorite workout move?

My favorite exercise is the deadlift. This exercise will not only give you a strong posterior chain (aka back side) but also makes the activities of daily living easier. When done correctly, it will also burn calories, build muscle, improve posture and potentially even help prevent lower back pain!

When I’m teaching, I’m most impressed by a student who?

When I am teaching, I am most impressed by a student that tries to get their heart rate up so that they can get more points (aka a higher a sweat score’). Some students just “show up”, which is great as just showing up is 90% of the battle. I’d rather someone come and not give it 100% than say, sit on the couch, watch TV and eat Doritos, but those who leave it all “on the turf/gym floor,” is can be motivating for the rest of the team to push themselves to get a maximal return on their 50 minute investment.



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