It’s no mystery why Asian spa and beauty products continue to dominate the market, I mean the best innovations (BB and CC creams) in the last few years have originated in the East. Since we know we have only just begun to see what’s other there, we talked to Nathalie Guillaume of Healing Happy Hour Spa an Acupuncture and Asian Medial Spa to learn about the tried and true positive effects of acupuncture in spa services.

Photo via Healing Happy Hour

Photo via Healing Happy Hour

What is acupuncture? How does the Acu-Facial implement acupuncture techniques?

Acupuncture is a living medicine with a long and complex oriental history of development based on the harmonious balance of vital energy, blood and body fluids. Facial acupuncture (Acu-Facial) stimulates specific points that increase collagen production and micro-circulation, decreasing the pain inhibitory nerve fibers, which lowers the aging process and therefore leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated.

To better understand how acupuncture is effective in diminishing fine lines and relaxing the tight facial muscles, it is important to understand that the acupuncture points are thought to represent discrete locations on the body where manual or electrical stimulation can activate appropriate neural pathways. The needles therapeutic effect depend on a two-part technique:

1) Insertion: needle grasp is due to mechanical coupling between the needle and connective tissue with winding of tissue around the needle during needle rotation

2) Manipulation: needle manipulation transmits a mechanical signal to connective tissue cells via mechanotransduction. Such a mechanism may explain local and remote, as well as long-term effects of acupuncture.


Can you describe the positive effects acupuncture has on insomnia/ sleep deprivation?

From an oriental medicine viewpoint, insomnia is a manifestation of a mental and emotional disturbance where various internal organs develop restlessly and thus create sleeping problems. The individual’s sleep pattern and degree of daytime fatigue are very crucial in determining the pattern of insomnia; furthermore, one’s lifestyle as well as regular emotional and physical state also needs to be taken into account.

How many treatments are necessary to see results?

When no underlying cause is found for insomnia, the less acute or severe the sleeping problem, the easier it is to treat within 4-6 sessions, because there are no extensive pathological changes that need to be addressed. However, if insomnia becomes chronic and is a side effect of another organic illness, treatment may take up to 3 months.

What other benefits does the Acu facial provide?

In addition to the acupuncture needles, which stimulate the meridians of the face and the balancing Chinese herbal skincare products catered to the individual’s unique constitution, the true secret benefits of Healing Happy Hour’s Acu-Facial lies in the IBO technology that I exclusively incorporate into each treatment:

  1. I polish the skin with a silk facial brush with 250,000 microfiber antibacterial bristles that deeply clean the pores. This device has Low & High speeds of vibrating massage and effectively cleans up the old dead skin cells.
  2. A unique vibrating massage to immediately brighten your eyes in 10 seconds is performed. This is an effective solution to eye puffiness, dark circles and enhances blood circulation.
  3. With a heating scrapping plate, I use this traditional Chinese scraping beauty method to effectively exfoliate aging cells, help blood circulation and tighten the skin on eye contour and mouth, in order to reach  refined and compact facial skin with whitening effect.

 If someone cannot make it into the salon, are there any acupuncture techniques they could do at home?

Since it is not possible to do self-acupuncture without a license, the best thing I can recommend is self-acupressure at certain points that can reduce heat accumulation, diet therapy to nourish the internal organs and meditation to promote healthy breathing, a calm mind, and relaxed facial muscles.



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