Your home is your escape, the place that is your cocoon during the winter freeze and your retreat from the sweltering heat. Many of us, have partaken in diet detoxes to eliminate toxins from our bodies and done wardrobe overhauls to get rid of ill-fitting clothes, but often we overlook our homes. Did you know that if you don’t take the proper precautions, your sanctuary could actually be damaging your overall wellbeing and cancelling out all the other positive wellness initiatives you have taken? Now before you start panicking and questioning every piece of furniture and cleaning agent in your house, take a deep breath because for the entire month of July we are going to be featuring 10 DIY/healthy home articles that will give your home the detox it deserves (without losing any style points)! You will find ideas from blending natural storage seamlessly into your home to healthy dinner recipes you can create in under 30-minutes.

By implementing just one or two of these mini summer cleanses into your casa, you will reduce your risk of countless harmless health effects as well as upgrading your home’s style IQ (just in time for all of those summer get-togethers). Not that you needed more incentive because fewer chemicals= better air quality, which makes for a happier, healthier you, but you know us, we have to reward your efforts with a little SPAtastic fun aka ONE winner will be gifted a Spa Week $250 Spa & Wellness Gift Card to be used at any of our 8,000 participating spas nationwide.

Simply follow the official Woobox rules below for your chance to win this SPAmazing giveaway!

  1. Follow Spa Week on Pinterest and their board Curate Your Healthy Home
  2.  Create your own board labeled, Spa Week Curate Your Healthy Home Giveaway
  3.  Pin each DIY/healthy home pin from Spa Week’s Curate Your Healthy Home Giveaway board to your Spa Week Curate Your Healthy Home Giveaway board


32 Responses

  1. Michele N

    Thank you in advance…. This will be a great moment, that I truly need.

  2. Lyne Lacroix

    I could really use a spa week. Going through an awful time in my life. Pretty stressed.

  3. Valerie Scott

    I haven’t quite mastered Pinterest but detox and wellness anything sounds good!

    • Brenda

      Valerie are you interested in Owning your own health and wellness Franchise/home based business for free”???


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