Not all beauty sleep is created equal. So, make the most use of yours with ClarityRx’s Sleep It Off Mask. This powerful at home 21-day anti-aging treatment works while you sleep, transforming from a warming mask to a replenishing moisturizer. When you wake, you will notice that your skin is glowing and youthful in appearance. It is enriched with Blue Green Algae Extract formula, which is a natural retinol alternative (same results minus the harsh damage to your skin) to rid your skin of uneven texture, dark/sun spots, fine lines and loss of elasticity. ClarityRx’s “products represent the perfect synergy of natural plant and food resources (nature’s pharmacy) along with the latest in cosmetic technology to produce clear, beautiful skin the healthy way,” so you can rest easy and know that your skin is being completely revamped while you snooze. To maximize its effectiveness, make sure you apply nightly for 21 days and as needed afterward.












Photo via ClarityRx.

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