Once July hits, we yearn for cooler temps. Before you roll your eyes, go walk 15 blocks in NYC and tell us how you feel. It’s hot, sticky and humid aka the worst possible situation for your hair. We love a good fishtail braid or high top-knot, but there are days where we want to rock our curls au naturale and not a complete frizzy mess. So, we spoke to Kattia Solano, founder of industry leading Butterfly Studio Salon and  Butterfly Studio Salon Colorist, Tamara DeFelice to find out how we can let our hair down sans frayed ends.

Can you please explain the difference between sun damage and water damage?
KS:Sun damage takes out moisture, making the hair feel brittle and dry whereas water damage is a build up of minerals and chlorine, making the hair feel slimy and causes the hair to become very porous.
What are other common types of summer damage?

KS:Overusing hot tools to create a beach wave look is very common during the warmer months and a surefire way to cause damage (when using hot tools, always use a thermal protector, and keep the temperature set low).

Can you protect against both sun and water damage or do they require separate routines?
KS:They require separate routines, with sun damage, you will need an SPF to shield and protect your hair from the sun.  When battling water damage, you should use a product to remove buildup such as a cleansing shampoo, or apple cider vinegar with sparkling water for a natural approach
In the summer, should people be going to the salon more frequently to do deep conditioning treatments?
KS: Absolutely, this is the most important time of the year because moisture in the summer is very critical. Our treatment, Kerastase Fusio Dose is a customized hair service that combines different levels of key ingredients to rejuvenate your hair. The Milbon treatment  is especially good as it is smoothing and replenishes moisture which helps when you are dealing with high levels of humidity.
TD: In-salon treatments will always be your best bet – they’re more concentrated and more transformative. I recommend Kerastase’s customized FusioDose. The prescriptive treatment takes about 5 minutes and is personalized to the individual needs of hair. Each time it is tailored to what your hair type and current concerns require.  There are 20 combinations possible but the summertime go-to is to hydrate and smooth with the moisture/anti-frizz combination (Oleo Fusion Concentre with Booster Discipline). It penetrates deeper than any topical creams and will help to hydrate the hair without weighing it down.

What options are there for at home care?
KS: In-salon treatments will always be the best option, however, an at-home treatment is the perfect follow-up, and you can use them more frequently (to boost your at home treatment, add coconut oil or avocado oil to the masque)!
TF: The RIGHT product is key. Ask your hair expert what would work best for your hair at home. My secret weapon is the Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Color. It has UV filters for color protection, intense conditioning, high shine, and smells as luxe as it feels. Another favorite, Kerastase’s Discipline line which helps tame and fight off frizz and humidity for up to 72 hours.
What is your number one tip for summer damage protection? Number one product?
KS:The best protection is to wear a hat if you will be outside for long periods of time- it will protect your hair from sun damage and will help stop fading  of color treated hair. I suggest using Oribe products because they have UV protection. My go to is, Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray which creates the perfect beach wave/tousled look.
TF: STOP BLOW-DRYING whenever possible! Use the summer as a time to rehab your hair. Incorporate products like Shu Uemura’s Wonder Worker to condition and add beachy texture while air drying. I also love Shu Uemura’s nourishing Essence Absolue Oil to smooth things over. On super hot days, condition on-the-go by adding extra hair oil onto your strands and tucking it into a sleek braid for a cool look with sun protection.
Photos via Butterfly Studio Salon + The Byrne Notice

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