Welcome to Workout Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, we will be providing you with the inside scoop on all things fitness! This week read about our total body melting workout! 

We are always looking for workouts that work for us because that’s the best way to stick with something. We have dabbled with rowing before in previous bootcamps, but we never dedicated ourselves to a full 50 minutes rowing workout that is until we went to CityRow.  We spoke to Annie Mulgrew, Director of Programming to learn what sets this high intensity, low impact, total body workout apart from other rowing classes.

What makes CITYROW stand out? 

CITYROW combines the best of high-intensity cardio with low impact strength training to give you total body results!

Tell us about your background as a fitness instructor? 

I first got into the fitness industry as a yoga teacher. From there, I studied anatomy and movement, which inspired me to go beyond teaching just yoga, and I began to teach pilates and took on private clients for personal training. When Helaine Knapp, CEO, and Founder of CITYROW, reached out to me about this amazing rowing concept she had, I immediately said “yes”. I knew it was a great idea, and I believed it had all the workings to really take off and succeed as there was nothing else like it being offered.

What’s the one thing you always do when planning a class? 

I always take into consideration, my clients. Who they are, whether they are beginners or regulars, their injuries, their fitness levels, etc. as I program my classes. That way, I can structure a class that is appropriately challenging for everyone in the class. I want each client to feel as if they are being set up for success, able to really challenge him/herself, and never leave class feeling defeated.

Describe the atmosphere? Ideal demographic? All levels? 

The great thing about a CITYROW class is that all fitness levels can participate. The classes are designed to focus on the individual within a group setting. So, clients regardless of age, activity level, or modification requirements are able to still get a killer workout. As an instructor, our classes are a joy to teach because everyone is able to succeed as long as they are willing to try!

What is your ultimate health/fitness tip you swear by?

Treat your body with respect. Rest if you need rest. Push yourself if your body can handle it. Eat healthy, real foods to nourish your body so that it can adequately repair. Be kind to yourself and love your body for what it can do. Do not punish it for what it cannot.

What is your favorite workout move? 

I love to couple rowing drills with planks and push-ups. A few rounds (3-5) of 200 meters of rowing on the machine with 10 push ups on the floor is physically challenging, a total body circuit, and will definitely make you sweat!

I always tell people who are intimidated to take my class to?

Go at your own pace, ask questions, and trust yourself!

When I’m teaching, I’m most impressed by a student who?

I am not just impressed by those who work really hard (it is always inspiring to watch people work to their maximum capacity throughout class), but I am equally as impressed by those who know their limitations, ask for modifications, and still push themselves while respecting their bodies.

When I’m feeling unmotivated to work out I? 

When I am feeling unmotivated, I will a take a class by one of my favorite instructors who I know will push me, inspire me, and help to get me out of my funk! Feeling that positive energy that comes from working out together in a group always makes me want to push passed any fatigue or mental fogginess I may be experiencing.

Photos via Jay Sullivan

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