We’ve been wishing to be cellulite free pretty much every time summer rolls around and Provence Cosmetics’ Bioslimming Trio brings us one step closer to being a Bioslimming Bombshell through its innovations of concentrated plant extract, caffeine, essential oils, which are coupled with hot and cold thermo agents to improve cellulite, varicose vein, stretch marks and cause the disappearance of fat. It is an award winning home body care system (and celebrity favorite) that is the only solution that is clinically proven to refine your shape. Read our interview below to find out how you can maximize the program in time for all of your summer vacations.


What makes Bioslimming products unique?

Using Bioslimming allows women to target their problem areas with precision. Bioslimming addresses the problem at its core and this is one of the reasons why women who use Bioslimming are so successful in quickly reducing the appearance of their cellulite. Bioslimming will help you to target the most important parts of the body (like the buttocks, the saddlebags etc.). This advanced treatment tackles cellulite by stimulating the blood circulation and also increases the peripheral circulation, which acts to pull out the fluid between the cells as well as impacting on collagen production which further aides in the fight against cellulite. It enhances the removal of toxins and actively breaks down the build up of the fatty deposits responsible for cellulite. It attacks cellulite by tackling the problem where it exists – just beneath your skin. This effectively reduces the appearance of stubborn cellulite, to leave your skin smooth, firm and noticeably toned.

How long before you will see results?

The results achieved in relation to cellulite appearance are astonishing, and in 100% of cases trialled so far, amazing results have been achieved. Visible differences have been achieved from the 1st treatment and are ongoing with each additional wrap. Such as, reduction in fat, reduction in cellulite, reduction of 1-4cm per measured area in a single treatment, reduction in appetite and enhanced weight loss and it continues to burn calories for 2 hours following the treatment. In addition to slimming, firming and toning effects continuing for 12 hours following the treatment! The appearance of spider veins, stretch marks and varicose veins will also be improved.

Is there a recommend use period before seeing results?

This is entirely dependent on how much cellulite and fat is present but as a rule of thumb it is recommended to have between 6-10 treatments over 4 weeks for maximum impact, then to have a salon treatment monthly to maintain results or continue use of homecare products. The more you want to slim the more you use BIOSLIMMING.

Is this a lifetime routine or will all cellulite eventually disappear?

It has been scientifically proven to dramatically decrease the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite in less than 4 weeks and results can be maintained indefinitely when you continue to follow a healthy eating and exercise regime.

What is your number one tip for banishing cellulite/preventing it?

The number one tip is to use tropical cream and massage as often as you can. Topical creams or gels with Caffeine – when applied to  affected areas it increases the metabolism, helps increase blood flow and facilitates the swift burning of fat in the adjoining areas. Caffeine also plays a part in the fat burning process itself, this action is reinforced with the algae extracts used in our formulas.


Photos via Provence Cosmetics

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