Summer may elicit chill vibes and be all about living the easy life but along with carefree vibes, the season is notorious for its harsh rays that damage your skin (mostly commonly in the form of a sunburn).The last thing you want is for the seasons to change and to have your dryness and uneven skintone stick around.While we love to indulge in a salon facial as much as possible, we like to make sure our home routine it just as effective, so we spoke to Margo Marrone, founder of The Organic Pharmacy to find out the best DIY recipe to soothe the skin after a bad burn.

“The best remedy for burnt skin is nettles (a plant that contains prostaglandins which have properties that support resistance to redness and irritation) mixed with rosehip oil.”


Photo via Aimee Rose


1 package Nettle Tea mixed with a minimal amount of water (20 ml)

1 tablespoon of yogurt

10 drops of  The Organic Pharmacy’s Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil 


Brew your tea with 20 ml of water

Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt

Stir in 10 drops of rosehip oil

Apply to clean face for at least 10 minutes

While you are taking care of your body, Marrone also wants to remind you to examine your house for common items that could be possible skin irritants. “The first thing I would suggest is buying a subtle scented candle or room spray. Throw away all the synthetic ones and replace them with natural candles or essential oils. Remember, you breathe synthetic fragrances into the lungs. Natural candles create natural aromas, which are ultimately healthier for you to breathe in your home. Try The Organic Pharmacy Orange Blossom Candle, which does not contain any artificial fragrances or colors, petrochemicals or phthalates. Our candles are made with 100% natural soy wax.”



Photo via Aimee Rose.

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