Summer is in full swing and the best way to enjoy it is to spend a weekend with your girlfriends! I’m sure you’ll spend a lot of time deciding when and where to go, but are you leaving any time to pack the perfect bag? Follow these simple steps and you will have a stress-free and relaxing trip with the girls!

1. Make a packing list! Once you know where you are heading, take 5 minutes to write down the different items you will need. Break it down by each activity. What items do you use when you wake up or go to sleep? Are you going to the beach? What do you need? Sightseeing, a night on the town? Use each activity as a list header and write down what you need for each. By creating a “vacation” list, you are less likely to over pack and more likely to have with you exactly what you wanted to bring!

 2. Use packing cubes! I discovered these a few years ago when I was traveling to Italy. They are KEY to packing and will help you organize your stuff so everything is easy to find when you reach your destination. Packing cubes come in numerous sizes and can be found in many retailers. Some of my favorites are Tom Bihn and Topo Designs. Use 1 packing cube for each activity on your packing list. For example, use 1 cube for “nights on the town,” another for “poolside”. You get the idea! Because they come in an array of sizes, you can customize each cube depending on how many items fall into each activity. For instance, I use a small cube for my intimates and a larger one for my workout clothes.

3. Roll! The key to packing is to roll every item in their respective cube. Rolling gives you lots of extra space and it actually cuts down on wrinkles. As you pack each cube, “check” it off your list so you don’t forget anything or accidently add duplicates.

rolls4. Layer your cubes! The beauty of the cubes is that they stack on top of each other. It’s like a puzzle, organize them in your suitcase so they fit snuggly.

5. Enjoy your girls weekend! When you arrive at your fun destination, all you have to do is pull out the cube that has the activity you are getting ready for and everything is at your fingertips! Digging through your suitcase is a thing of the past!

I know, no one likes to pack, but if you follow these surefire steps, you will not only have everything you want at your fingertips but you will spend less time rummaging through your suitcase and more time enjoying your girl’s weekend!

Jennifer Marcus, the owner of D’Clutter Design, received her B.S. in Interior Design from Indiana University. She applied her degree and passion for interiors in the retail arena where she worked for Macy’s and numerous woman’s ready-to-wear brands such as Jones New York, Rachel Rachel Roy, Anne Klein and NYDJ.Over the years, Jennifer’s friends and family always sought her out for not only advice regarding everything fashion but also as their advisor on the home front. Whether they needed help organizing for a move, solving their clutter and space issues or reinventing their interiors, she was always the person they called. As the years went by, Jennifer realized she was happiest when she was helping others find solutions in their home environments. So she took a leap of faith and decided to follow her passions and start her own professional organizing business, D’Clutter Design.
For more information on Jennifer and her services, please visit, Images via Huffington Post.

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