The days of indulging in unhealthy habits on vacation are over. Nowadays, travelers are seeking adventures that will enrich their health and wellness, not derail it. Wellness travel has taken over the tourism industry and shows no signs of slowing down. The $494 billion dollar industry is growing almost 50% faster than overall global tourism. Tap into this burgeoning travel movement with these hot wellness travel trends:

Diet-Friendly Dining

Your vacation doesn’t need to spoil your diet any longer. To cater to the health-conscious traveler, more and more popular hotels, resorts, and cruise ships are offering healthy dining options. In many places, meals are no longer exceeding the recommended portion size, and they are also restricting their use of foods high in sodium and sugar. Organic, farm-to-table, and even gluten-free choices are becoming more common.

Fitness-Focused Hotels

Along with healthy eating, travelers are seeking to maintain their workout routine on vacation, as well as learn new fitness techniques. To accommodate this demand, hotels and resorts are going further than just having a gym on site. At the Even Hotel in New York City, working out has never been more convenient or accessible. Each room is equipped with exercise essentials, like exercise mats, balancing balls, and resistant bands, with free on-site spin and yoga classes also offered, so guests can get in a quick workout before sightseeing. At San Diego’s Hotel del Coronado , guests can borrow Beats by Dre headphones to keep them amped up during their workout.

Adrenaline Meets Relaxation

Surfer girl happy cheerful going surfing at beach

The up-and-coming “adrenaline and zen cocktail” trend infuses thrilling adventure with maximum relaxation. More resorts are combining exhilarating adventure activities like zip lining, trapeze classes, white water rafting, and surfing with massage, meditation, yoga, and hot spring soaks for the ultimate mind-body experience.

Wellness Festivals

Move over Bonnaroo and Coachella, there’s a new festival trend that’s gaining tons of popularity. Wellness festivals are sprouting up everywhere, as a celebration of healthy living, mindfulness, and interpersonal connectedness. Music is still a big part of these festivals, but health and wellness activities are integrated into the lineup. At Wanderlust, a yoga-centric international wellness festival circuit, festival goers can enjoy live music, yoga classes, meditation, hiking, a healthy food market, and more.

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  1. Teena Fuller

    My favorite week vacation spot for fitness is Tennessee Fitness Spa. They are affordable, have a gym, pool, racquetball, cardio and weight lifting classes etc. and nice lodging and good tasting meals.


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