It’s the beginning of the week, so we rounded up some of the most SPAtastic links for a little bit of Monday motivation. Find out what’s trending in the Spa Week world.

Oh no, you just forgot about your spa appointment. Follow our guidelines to save face!

At Crunch Fitness, you can channel your inner Olympian with Andia Winslow‘s new class.

We’ve scoured our arsenal of DIY face masks to find out which ones are the most effective (so, you don’t have to)!

Change up your morning routine, and incorporate one of these incredible smoothies for all-day energy!

For people who have to battle acne from day to day, there is nothing worse than perusing through acne treatment after treatment and trying to decipher what service will give you the most skin clarity for your buck. To help you obtain skin nirvana, we tried Skin Spa’s Blemish Blaster and spoke to lead esthetician Elena Tsiaklis, so you know just exactly what this treatment entails and if it is right for your type of breakout(s).

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