The Admissions tells the story of a seemingly ideal family, who are far from perfect underneath the surface. Secrets, struggles, and mistakes unwind as each character deals with their own battles. From the stresses of college admissions to the difficulty of juggling a family and a career — everyone can find a character to relate to in this novel.

The book opens on a major cliffhanger. When Nora, the mother, receives an urgent call from the sheriff’s station at The Golden Gate Bridge, questions are immediately opened. Did one of her children commit a crime? Is it a suicide attempt? As these thoughts are swirling around, you’re suddenly propelled back in time to three months prior. The mystery of the Golden Date Bridge incident isn’t revealed until much later in the book, after backstories are built and established. No spoilers – but you’re going to want to read until the end.


This novel is written in an interesting way. The characters are written about in third person so it’s almost like the reader gets an inside peek at their thoughts. Corrections in vocabulary, word definitions, and synonyms are all placed sporadically through the chapters. I must admit, at first I thought it was quite strange. But, once you dive into the book they really do seem to fit. The author highlights Angela’s constant obsession with college applications and getting into Harvard by placing SAT words and embellished admissions essay-esque sentences throughout the book to show readers just how stressful Angela’s life has become.

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