It’s the beginning of the week, so we rounded up some of the most SPAtastic links for a little bit of Monday motivation. Find out what’s trending in the Spa Week world.

A common fear for spa enthusiasts (especially first timers) is the issue of what to wear and what to bare. In our latest Spa Week 101 post, we’ve compiled our top tips to solve your most common spa dress code dilemmas.

The 4 skincare products you need to start using in your 20s to forgo your chances of needing botox in your 30s.

Our guide featuring Spruce & Bond tells you exactly what you need to KNOW before your first laser hair removal appointment.

It turns out the diets trends everyone swears by are actually harming your healthy journey.

Our workout wisdom is to always make sure your workouts leave you feeling empowered. For us, that workout is SoulCycle.

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