Basically, everyone views their salon or spa appointment as their chance to live out their favorite romcom makeover scene and while hairstylists and estheticians definitely have magical powers, they are plenty of things they wish you knew before your appointment. Like can you go from the gym to the spa? Should you wash your hair even before your next cut? What about shaving your legs before a pedicure? By taking a moment to implement these common courtesies you will not only get the highest quality out of your service, but you will save yourself from being complained about.

What are the hygiene dos and don’ts for nail, hair and skincare appointments?


Nail salons definitely have the worst rep but when you pay attention and ask a few simple questions before committing to a new place, you have nothing to worry about. First and foremost, always makes sure that the salon uses autoclave sterilization, which is an automated machine that uses superheated steam to thoroughly clean instruments. Before you step into the pedicure bath, make sure it is sprayed with an antiseptic spray, (bonus clean point if there are no jets since nail dust and residue can live in the fans). Also, if a nail tech tries to use a tool on you that isn’t stainless steel or capable of going into the autoclave, don’t let them use it as there is no guarantee that particular tool has been properly cleaned. And finally, never shave your legs before a pedicure. A little leg hair isn’t going to disgust your tech so stop shaving before a pedicure because when you do a quick shave beforehand, you are opening your pores and making yourself susceptible to infection.


In order to get an accurate assessment of your hair, stylists need it to be in its natural state (mostly). This means, don’t come in with wet hair because your stylist needs to see it dry for texture and touch reasons. He or she won’t be able to tell you if the direction you want to go in is suitable for your hair because wet hair doesn’t provide an accurate reading. Do come in with your hair detangled and without a ton of gels, oils and hairspray in.


Traditionally, most massages, facials and all body treatments require you to take it all off, and while you won’t be body shamed, you will be internally chastised by your therapist if your hygiene isn’t up to snuff aka don’t come from your hot yoga class to your massage. Or, if you do, please allow enough time to properly utilize the showers.


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