We’ve all been there, you go to brush your hair away from your face and you accidentally brush your jawline except it feels like you just got punched, which causes the fear to settle in because you know your least favorite friend  (cystic acne) is about to make a lengthy appearance. We wish this little anecdote wasn’t a reoccurring story in our lives but sadly it is. Now being surrounded by the all the creams, gels and spot treatments imaginable you would think we wouldn’t fall victim to hormonal acne or at the very least be able to zap it away immediately. Yet again, the villain that is a cystic breakout doesn’t discriminate and trust us, when we get a cyst it lasts just as long as yours (solidarity) because cystic acne literally translates to underground zits. Now if you have a long withstanding relationship with cysts you know that they aren’t your typical zits, and you should never ever, seriously ever, try to pop it or pick at it until it becomes surface level because that will only lead to an overly inflamed cyst and a scar once it has calmed down. So, before you start running for cortisone shots, or overtreating your skin with over the counter salicylic acid (which doesn’t penetrate deeply enough to remedy a cyst), you need to try Renee Rouleau’s Anti-Cyst Treatment.

Rouleau formulated this miracle formula in response to friends and family experiencing cystic acne and not having a product that would reduce and speed up the healing time of these pesky nodules. Just so you know, if we are writing about a product it is because we suffer from the issue that it is designed to treat, we have tested it for a month and have had noticeable results. The treatment is clear, fragrance-free and comprised of lactic acid, ethyl lacatate and carboxymethyl cellulose. This triple threat formula exfoliates to clear pores, decrease bacteria and ensure the active ingredients travel deep enough to soothe inflammation.

So, with high hopes, I applied the treatment to my active broken out areas (keep in mind this is for cysts only not an all over face treatment), and went to bed. When I awoke the next morning, I was elated to see the swelling had dramatically decreased and would allow for easier coverup application (yes, it is thin enough to be worn under makeup without overdrying your skin). Within a few uses, the redness was gone and bumps were no longer protruding. I have continued to use it on cystic acne hot spots (my breakout prone areas) and it has curbed new breakouts from forming. Occasionally, a baby cyst will grace us with its presence, but we don’t freak out anymore because we always have a bottle of Anti-Cyst ready to go.

Images via Renee Rouleau + Fit and Happy.

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