Juice cleanses have been a big deal for what seems like ever, however most people opt to do them before summer now at the end, but we are never one to follow the crowd, so we embarked on our first ever cleanse from LizzyJays Juice because we just went to the mecca of fried foods, the Minnesota State Fair, and we were craving healthy foods. So, we chose LizzyJay, which was created by Casey Sabol, after she noticed that her personal training clients did not have adequate raw, live- energy foods options to support their healthy lifestyles. We opted for her Weight Loss Reset cleanse, which features six juices that you consume in one day to help your body detoxify all the sugar and toxins that are throwing your body off balance.

I chose to start our journey on a Tuesday because it just seemed cruel to do it on a Monday. I was excited but also a little concerned about killing a coworker do to severe hungry. I was also concerned because while I drink more water than most, I definitely didn’t prep my body for the cleanse, so I was jumping straight from waffle fries into my cleanse, but fortunately, I had spoken to Casey beforehand to ensure I would reap the most out of my one day cleanse.

How can beginners prepare for their first cleanse?

My most important tip to prepare for a healthy juice cleanse is to have a positive attitude! If you go into it feeling like you are going to be “deprived” in some way, you will carry that low energy throughout the day. This day is designed for YOU and you are getting more nutrients than you do in most of the food you eat, so relax and enjoy! In addition to a positive mindset, it is important to  consume a little more water the day before as the juices are very hydrating (this allows the organs to adjust). Also, make an effort to eat mostly vegetables and light proteins like fish and eggs the day before [to help your body prepare for your upcoming detox].

How much water should one drink during their cleanse?

There is no need to drink more than 64 oz if that is your normal. The juices are very hydrating on their own so you don’t need to drink more than you typically would daily.

What are your tips for making it through the day?

I often recommend keeping the first day to yourself. People sometimes like to sabotage your efforts with negative comments. This is your gift to yourself and a time to slow down and be mindful of your body. You may like to enjoy a warm cup of organic decaf herbal tea during the day when you tend to get hungry or like to “treat” yourself. If possible, take a moment to journal or reflect on your personal goals in health, fitness, career or relationships. Allow this day to be about YOU.

What type of exercise should you do?

The best exercise choices for most people are a long walk, light jog, Yoga or Pilates. However, I’ve been a Personal Trainer for over 20 years and my clients enjoy intense workouts as well during their cleanse and haven’t had any  low blood sugar or fatigue issues (I’m  a big fan of listening to your body, do what YOU enjoy)!

How do you transition back into your normal diet?

Transitioning out of the Cleanse should always feel easy, simple and empowering. Remove the word “diet” from your mind and think of going back to the basics. Eat what Mother Earth gave us. Simple, pure ingredients like fruits and vegetables (less on fruit, more on vegetables). Try to eat more of what you were juicing. Keeping a Green Juice a day in your daily routine is healing and supportive if you are always on the go. Stick to lighter proteins like fish and eggs as you ease your way out of the cleanse. They are much easier on your digestive system and less acidic. Keep up your water intake so your organs continue to work more efficiently. Try adding a fresh lemon to your water as it is an excellent way to maintain the alkalinity achieved from your cleanse.

Whether you are cleansing or not, consider that your body is made up of billions of live cells, yet typically we feed it dead food all day. Our bodies thrive when we feed our “living” cells “living” food. Pretty simple, right? Yes, food fueled by the sun, earth and water are exactly what support the living body. There is absolutely nothing trendy about that! Enjoy this time of honoring you and let it be a reminder of how incredible your body feels when you fuel it with live and delicious nutrients.

Results: I went in with high expectations, and they were exceeded tenfold. The juices were delicious and filling. Not once did I feel deprived or fatigued.  I did my normal workout with no issues, which is saying something because I’m notorious for getting lightheaded if I don’t eat enough pre-workout and also feeling nauseous if I eat too much pre-workout.


Photo via ChickRx.

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