Welcome to Workout Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, we will be providing you with the inside scoop on all things fitness! This week read about how our second trip to The P.E. Club was even more inspiring than the first.


Course Selection: TRX Lengthen & Tone (combination of TRX straps, ballet and Pilates). 

We have a love-hate relationship with TRX straps, we love them because we know we are going to be pushed to our limits, but we also hate them because they further announce to the world just how uncoordinated we are (thank god, our class only had four other women in it).  The class begins with a warm-up although it isn’t the warm up you do in the gym, this one will have your heart racing and core engaged in no time. Once you have warmed up your muscles, you move to the front of the room to begin the targeted barre moves to isolate different areas of your legs and booty. To begin, the moves are slow and focused then the second set’s speed is increased (we chose to stay at our own pace to ensure we had proper form). A sentiment Schultz stressed throughout the entire class. Once your derriere is completely on fire, you will be pick up the TRX straps to tone your arms and abs. A lot of these moves rely on using your own body weight and despite challenging will leave you feeling longer, tighter and accomplishment. Before you know it, the lights are dimmed and you are cooling down.

Instructor: Chrissy Schultz (former ballerina whose form is always on pointe).

Sweat Meter: High, the class is a serious challenge and even the yogi looking woman, we thought would breeze through this class had to take breaks in between (luckily, they offer complimentary towels)!

Gear to wear: Your best workout leggings and cute sports bra top (we always buy stylish workout clothes because if we feel better we work harder, so we didn’t feel self-conscious but this is definitely not the place to wear pants with holes and your boyfriend’s old fraternity shirt). You won’t feel any judgement from the staff just yourself because everyone looks like they are going to a Lululemon shoot.

Class Essentials: Water bottle and bare face (seriously ladies, pass on the makeup, it is going to melt off but then again so is your fat, so no complaints here)!

Class Benefits: Personal training environment with seriously knowledgeable instructors. This is our second class we’ve taken and even though we workout 3-4 times a week, we always leave feeling like we’ve never workout before (that’s how intense these workouts are). The class size is capped off at 9 and depending on the time will be less than that, so you really have that one-on-one attention that is missing from most group classes.


Photos via Joe Miller and Instagram/@ThePEClub

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