Mr. Splitfoot is the most recent book by award-winning author, Samantha Hunt. Here’s what we thought of it: 


An inter-woven tale that brings together the past and the present, most of the mystery of Mr. Splitfoot lies in what happened in between. We are introduced first to Ruth, an orphaned young girl living in a religiously fueled orphanage. Though she does not remember her mother, she remembers her older sister, who abandoned her to the orphanage. Ruth’s only friend is Nat, a strange young boy who is also orphaned, and who claims to be able to communicate with the dead parents of the other children.

Ruth’s story intertwines decades later with her niece, Cora. After an unexpected pregnancy by a married man, Aunt Ruth appears back into her life. Mute, though we’re not told why, Ruth ropes Cora into a journey that has them crossing through the roads and trails of rural New York state. The journey, full of backwoods eeriness and the revealing truth about Ruth’s lost childhood, is brought together by Hunt’s harrowing but lyrical words. Artfully put together, both Ruth’s past and Cora’s future unravel simultaneously for the reader to enjoy.

This novel is by far a page turner. Nearly every chapter I finished had me unable to call it quits. I may have stayed up a little bit too late trying to feel like I had hit a point where I could stop for the night. But if anything, that only proves how captivating and breath-taking the novel can be. I love a novel that you can’t put down, and Mr. Splitfoot was definitely that for me. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that Mr. Splitfoot is a really satisfying mystery that leaves you guessing until the very end.


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