We are literally so addicted to our devices that new health concerns are on the rise (thanks, iPhones)! While you may be killing it on Instagram, you are also successfully killing your body. But, hey, maybe the hunchback silhouette will be the next big runway trend but until then it is time to stop slouching at your desk and walking with your eyes glued to your phone (it’s rude). Here to help you is Haven Spa’s The Geek Massage, which was designed to treat symptoms of someone who spends their day hunched over a desk (ie every person everywhere).

But the treatment was curated especially for New Yorkers to relieve the upper body stress and tension in the head through deep tissue and assisted yoga techniques. We spoke to creator and our massage therapist for the day, Lara Katzman about what how The Geek differs from any other massage you have had and how your take home gift of T-Spheres can extend the positive effects of the treatment (The Geek is available for just $50 normally $135 during Spa Week. Click HERE to book now before we take your spot because we can not get enough of this massage!

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How are the Geek massage’s techniques different from most spa’s deep tissue massages?

A typical session of “deep tissue” massage in any spa is done by applying very strong pressure on the treated body area and protocol is set to work on the whole body .The Geek massage is a special targeting massage, designed for “office ” people, that are spending most of their working hours in front of computers.The session consists of different medium pressure intense techniques, including releasing trigger points and therapeutic stretches that are aimed to address and treat the most affected upper body areas that are due to be hunched over the desk. The Geek massage focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, chest, arms,  hands and head.

How is the massage tailored to each person? 
Although the Geek massage is built in upper body protocol, it can be slightly adjusted to the personal need of the client. Focused intensity and time of application can be modified towards a greater stressed area with the addition of advanced stretches.

What tips and tricks can people do after their massage to avoid causing the same pain/aches?

The Geek massage session includes a set of T-Spheres, that are firm rubber aromatherapy massage balls. It is given to the client to take home or to the office and utilized to target the trigger points. It is important to remember to get up occasionally from the chair and perform basic “office” stretches to stimulate blood circulation into inactive joints or muscles, and to re-establish a healthy posture due to prolonged sitting.

How many sessions are recommended to start? Then to maintain? 

Although it varies from person to person and the stress level at work, it is good to start with one session a month for two months, followed by a maintenance session every eight weeks.


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