The average person spends long days at the office and lets errands and stress occupy the remainder of their time. So, when a vacation is nearing, they tend to view it as an escape and let it interfere with their healthy lifestyle ambitions (another round of margaritas,is never passed by). But, instead of binge eating your way through the Pacific Coast, why not utilize your vacation as a time to reflect, replenish and strengthen your commitment to your health and wellness regimen? This is precisely the ethos that Viceroy Zihuatanejo has established with their Way to Wellness program, pioneered by Dr. Edward A. Taub, M.D.

Viceroy Way to Wellness

“The goal of our ‘Way to Wellness’ program at Viceroy Zihuatanejo is to help participants manage stress, which is the major problem of our times,” said Dr. Taub. “The program guides guests to happiness, health, and wellness by enabling them to enjoy a more active, vibrant and rewarding lifestyle.” A feat that is easily accomplished as the resort is nestled in the Mexican Rivera and touts over 600 feet of beachfront property perfect for guests to partake in kayaking, yoga, running and other sport and recreational activities.

If completing savasana on the beach isn’t for you, the resort has also added cooking classes led by Chef Arturo Eduardo Avila Zarraga and day excursions to local markets. Upon arrival at the market, Chef Avilia will lead the guests around and educate them about healthy ingredients, which they will purchase to be used in their beachside cooking class after the market.

Viceroy General Manager Martin Kipping knows that these accommodations are needed more than ever as “a health-conscious, wellness lifestyle is being practiced and ever-more actively pursued by a growing number of people.” And with our Way to Wellness guests don’t have to leave their healthy lifestyle and values behind when on vacation. To the contrary, our program is an opportunity to deepen their commitment to good health and mindfulness, and increase positive results.”

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Images via Viceroy.

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