It’s Favorite Find Friday, so you know that means we are writing about a product because we suffer from the issue that it is designed to treat, we have tested it for at least a  month, and we have had noticeable results.

G.M Coll Diamond Serum

We bask in our night owl ways as it means fewer lines for late night snack emergencies, and we can partake in a thorough nighttime skincare routine because while we love staying up late we don’t need our face to show it! But, in case you don’t share our love for slathering on face creams, salves, and oils, G.M. Collin Diamond Serum has created the perfect all-in-one anti-aging product that will erase signs of puffiness, fine lines, and dulled skin.

This elixir (yes, elixir because it is that luxe) is velvety smooth and instantly melts into your skin providing your complexion with an instant boost in suppleness and radiance. Another bonus, its formula utilizes a Diamond Peptide complex to prevent future signs of aging and will turn your nighttime regimen into one that even Rihanna would be jealous of. When used nightly, you will always wake up shining bright like a diamond.

Photos via G.M Collin Skincare

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