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Some guys get a 5 o’clock shadow on their mug by end of day and some women get it on their underarms. While this  may not seem like a severe beauty blunder, it causes a lot of embarrassment for women as they intentionally avoid sleeveless shirts and sometimes, workout classes. Yes, the season of bare armpits is dwindling down but if you have found yourself avoiding warrior pose for the fear of putting your discolored underarms on display, let Michelle Roediger, owner of Baire share how IPL Laser hair removal could be the answers to your problems.

What is IPL?

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, provides permanent hair reduction through a series of light treatments that target the follicle, leading to 80-­‐90% of the hair to be gone for good. Using the energy produced from heat, we get to the root of the hair to stop it from growing back.

How does IPL remove the hair?

The energy or heat is sent down the hair follicle and goes to the root to stop the hair from growing back. The darker the hair and the stronger the contrast with the skin, the better the results. Hair has three stages of growth, but only one stage of growth when the treatment will be effective.  So, only a portion of your hair is able to be treated at any specific time.  This is why it’s so important to stay on schedule and why it can take over a year for treatment. You need to wait to get the hairs as they move into the anagen growth stage, which is when you’ll actually get results.

How does IPL help with dark ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are caused by hairs that are growing back under the skin. By stopping the hairs from growing back, we’re eliminating ingrown hairs. Even if the hairs don’t come up above the surface, the energy from the treatments will be drawn to the hair and taken to the “root of the problem.”

What is the pain level comparison?

Most clients call it “pain-­‐free,” and usually find the ice packs to be the most uncomfortable part. There are many factors that can affect sensitivity, including treatment area and hormone levels. What’s great about the Free Assessment is that you get to do a test patch on each area, so you know how it feels before getting a full treatment.

Who are the ideal clients?

Clients with lighter skin and darker hair will get the best results. But, we have a great option for clients with blond or grey hair or with darker skin.

How many treatments are recommended?

It’s hard to say because each person is different and each area is different. For example, legs may take fewer treatments than underarms on the same person. On average, clients need between 8 and 12 treatments. Some people will say you only need 6, but it’s really not the case for most people. We tell clients to plan for at least a year.

What tips should first-time clients take?

We are big on safety, so we ask clients to follow specific requirements in order to get treatment. These include keeping the skin clean (only soap and water in the area), keep the skin cool (no exercise or sun), and avoid any photosensitive products, like oral birth control.

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