It’s Favorite Find Friday, so you know that means we are writing about a product because we suffer from the issue that it is designed to treat, we have tested it for at least a  month, and we have had noticeable results.

avon anew

Long gone are the days where wrinkle creams were only for the over-40 crew. Now more and more women in their twenties and thirties are turning to anti-aging products to keep their skin looking timeless. Routines vary from the elaborate to the simplistic but despite preference, women always want effective products. Formulas that utilize the latest methods to keep the skin rejuvenated between facial appointments. The latest innovation in the fight against time is Avon Anew; formulated with the highest level of Avon’s exclusive Celluvive anti-aging complex.

The Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced performance Creme (available now) is rich but lightweight enough for daily use. It targets the all visible signs of aging- think puffiness, uneven skintone etc. Heavily influenced and born in the exotic waters of Tahiti, its black pearl essence (the main active ingredient) seals and improves the skin’s moisture retention. Aka no more discovering new fine lines in the morning. Seriously, when we used this every day (AM & PM because we love how luxe it is), we tightened our decolletage and got rid of our standard sunken eye haven’t slept look.

For just $50,  Avon Anew is a total skincare steal.


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