Add Glitz and Glamour to Any Look With This Sparkly Mani DIY

With the craziness of the holidays behind us let’s take some time to pamper ourselves and think about all the exciting things 2016 has in store. There’s no better way to kick off the New Year than with an easy, sparkly manicure. It’s sure to add some glitz and glamour to any look in arsenal and crafting the mani will allow you to have some, probably, much needed me-time.image1 (4)

What You Need:

  • essie – all in one 
  • essie – over the edge
  • essie – summit of style
  • Orly – Glosser


1. Apply your “all in one base coat”.

2. Polish all nails using “over the edge”.

3. Once your nails are completely dry collect a generous amount of chunky glitter onto the brush. I used “summit of style” by essie. Begin to dab the glitter at the base of your nail. Move the brush in a circular motion so that it fills in the base of your nail. 

4. Secure your nails with “Glosser”. Warning this may take some time to dry due to the excessive glitter used. You do not want to smudge the thick polish so please be careful! 

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How did you take some time for yourself after the holidays?

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84 Responses

  1. Julie

    I made a great playlist to listen to on my drive home to visit family, and spent the drive belting along!

  2. Staci Z.

    Ummm…. With 3 kids I did not get to take any time for myself. Hopefully soon.

  3. Pam Lloyd

    I am downsizing, so I spent some time cleaning out my closet and kitchen cabinets. Goodwill and half price book store are good places to drop stuff off at !

  4. Amber Stovall

    I havent had time much time to myself after the holidays. Being a mommy keeps me busy but I really need to treat myself to some mommy time.

  5. Devon Eaton

    I have yet to spend any time for me. I’m a mom, that doesn’t harken until they are all grown lol

  6. Lucy

    I took some time to myself by spending more time bundled up on the couch reading (instead of cleaning and surfing the web), and ordering at restaurants instead of cooking! I may or may not have asked my boyfriend to pick up on some chores that I usually do and he happily pitched in 🙂

  7. Marie Byrne

    I went to my rowing boot camp which hurt but i definitely felt better for having done it

  8. rebecca Thomas

    I pre-scheduled my hair appointments for the next 6 months!! I know at least I know I’ll have “me” time every 6 weeks!

  9. Randi Leeman

    New Year’s Day I spent the day relaxing with my dogs, catching up on my DVR and finishing a book. I then took some time to get mentally prepared for the new year by going outside for a long walk!

  10. Joanne S

    On Sunday I took a long bath salts soaking in my deep tub and added a facial mask while soaking. Heaven.

  11. Jennifer Essad

    I called friends who live in my home state, my 2 best friends are in Michigan, the first call was over 3 hours long. I have no problem making time for me after the hustle/bustle of the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays

  12. Emily

    I took time to relax and get back on my healthy routine of exercising and cooking healthy meals.

  13. Kat

    I received some lavender bath salts from a friend and I took a long, hot bath to de-stress after the holidays. Very relaxing and great for headache relief as welll!

  14. Linda Peters

    I unwind by turning off my phone, turning on some music, slipping into a nice warm bath with a really good book and soak for an hour or two! Then it’s time for a facial!

  15. Linda Peters

    I unwind by just turning everything off but some music and soak in a nice warm tub and a good book, nothing better! Then it’s time for a facial!!!!

  16. Sandy Weinstein

    i took time to play with my 3 4 legged girls because they always make me smile and relax me, relieves the stress and they enjoy spending more time with mom.

  17. Shar

    I got back to my normal routine of daily exercise and a good diet! I feel so much better when I do!

  18. Stephanie V.

    I actually hadn’t until today — had a massage while kid in school since low work day. Every hour counts, right?
    tvollowitz at aol dot ocm

  19. Katie McBride

    It’s all about the bubble baths and alone time after dealing with family you don’t necessarily get along with.

  20. Courtney S

    Having three kids under seven years, the only way I get any relaxation is by taking a nice long bath.

  21. Trisha B.

    For the first time in a long time, I took a long hot bubble bath and enjoyed every minute of it.

  22. Charu Nagarajan

    A daily walk in nature is a way I like to take time for myself while listening to music

  23. Nancy H

    Haven’t just yet but hoping to recoup that and make up for lost time…heavenly!

  24. Tammie Manis

    Cannot, nor DO I wear NAIL polish..except for very special occasions. Did nothing NEW Years Day..well I did some was much needed.

  25. Stephanie Upton

    I honestly have not been able to take any time out for myself this year. Things have been just extra hectic and no signs of letting up anytime soon!! Lol. Thanks for the chance!! :))

  26. Cat Delgado

    I took some time for myself after the holidays by having a long soak in a bubble bath, then a mani and pedi!

  27. Colleen

    We spent a day munching on snacks and Netflix binging! It was so relaxing & fun.

  28. Susan P.

    I like to use the different beauty products I have, like moisturizers and masks and have a spa day at home.

  29. Amy

    I’ve had the holidays to myself, so I guess that doesn’t count… Alone most of the time.

  30. Tammy

    I took some time and just relaxed git a tan and enjoyed the quietness and love of the enjoyment of what the holidays had brought!

  31. Hannah Avery

    Been reading a good book I got for Christmas called “Room”. Also did a face mask!

  32. Christina rogers

    Me and my daughter went skating on the Oval ! A beautiful outdoor rink in the heart of Halifax, nova Scotia. The fresh air, the laughter was great😊

  33. Thom Anderson

    Went for relaxing massage and facial on 12/30/15. Rejuvenated from the stress of holiday build up and started New Year relaxed.

  34. LeAnn

    No time for myself since the holidays, just work, work, work! The joys of healthcare!

  35. Alexia

    I spent a few hours relaxing in the tub and lounging in my robe and slippers. 🙂


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