Do you like bad boys in your romance novels? Me, too. Give me a dark, moody character with an anguished back story and I’m there. If you, too, have a thing for gruff hotties with hearts of gold, you’ll have a grand old time with Captive by Brighton Walsh.

Captive’s heroine is one Madison Frost, the daughter of a prominent businessman who seems to lead a life of privilege — but is desperate to escape it. Her father is barely involved in her life, and her mother is an alcoholic who spends each day drinking herself into a black hole. Madison dreams of leaving her melancholy life and starting fresh one day. But when she’s suddenly whisked away, it’s not on the terms she imagined. It’s an actual kidnapping.


Madison has no idea who hired her captor, or why. What she does know is that he’s huge, muscular, and covered in tattoos, with dark hair, ice blue eyes, and a hard set to his jaw. The man is known as Ghost, and he’s a mercenary. Check out one of their first exchanges:

“Are you going to kill me?”

He lifted a single eyebrow, the one with the scar slicing it in half, his entire body radiating apathy.

(Captive by Brighton Walsh)

This is when I knew I’d like this book. Bring it on, Walsh! And just as I hoped, Captive evolved into an edgy, angsty tale packed full of heated glances, loads of sexual tension, and a scorching romantic chemistry between the characters. The kidnapping is integral to the development of the relationship between Ghost and Madison, which grows complicated as she realizes he’s not the heartless villain he appears to be. The more Madison sees the goodness in him, the more she lets down her guard — and a reader can’t help but stay enthralled as Ghost continues to guard his secrets.

Captive by Brighton Walsh flaunts a fairly serious heat level, combining the dark suspense of a New Adult book with the sensuality of an erotic romance. This is a fun, edgy read, perfect for when you want to walk on the wild side without getting too dark. It’s also the start of a series! Look for the next book, Exposed, available this year.

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