A good cup of joe works wonders against fatigue, but did you know that coffee can also be a surprisingly effective inside your beauty routine? Not only does coffee’s caffeine content perk up sagging skin, but it also helps reduce puffiness and inflammation. To bring more coffee to your everyday routine, here’re three easy DIY beauty recipes to try on your next spa Sunday.

DIY Cellulite Body Scrub

Spa Week Cellulite Scrub

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When combined with nourishing olive oil, coffee grounds can be used as an effective body scrub, which helps eliminates dry patches from the skin. Use this scrub two to three times a week for best results.


1/4 Cup Caffeinated Coffee Grounds, Cooled
1/4 Cup Olive Oil


Combine the coffee grounds with the olive oil to form a paste. Standing in the bathtub, use circular motions to vigorously massage the mixture into the cellulite-laced areas. Rinse with warm water, leaving the remaining olive oil on your skin to hydrate. Results are temporary, so repeat daily (and the scrub is messy, so be forewarned).

Recipe Courtesy of Alexis Wolfer, Beauty Expert and Founder of The Beauty Bean

 Five Minute Morning Coffee Facial Scrub

Spa Week Coffee Mask

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Coffee’s energizing benefits also can be beneficial to your skin, as caffeine helps stimulates sallow and sagging skin. And when combined with moisturizing honey, this five-minute facial scrub delivers a gorgeous glow to your complexion.


1 Handful of Coffee Grinds
1 Tablespoon of Raw Natural Honey


Mix ingredients together, and apply to your face for five to ten minutes. Afterward, proceed to rinse the mixture off your face.

Recipe Courtesy of Ildi Pekar, Celebrity Facialist and Creator of Ildi Pekar Skin Care

 DIY Coffee Hair Mask

Spa Week Coffee Hair Mask

Coffee can also be very stimulating to the scalp, as it helps remove buildup and stimulates hair growth. If your locks need a boost, use this energizing coffee mask to shake things up.

Strongly Brewed Coffee as a Hair Soak or Rinse.
Conditioner to Thicken Mask Up

Pour your coffee through the hair, and allow it to really sink in. Make sure you protect any light colored clothing or surfaces in your home, and do not let the coffee run down your face. For a thicker moisturizing mask, mix coffee grounds with your favorite conditioner.

Recipe (Courtesy of Lauren E. Hack and Vanessa Ungaro of LAUREN + VANESSA).
Written by Courtney Leiva.

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