The arrival of Fall means it’s apple-picking season! While apples make a healthy snack choice containing antioxidants, fiber and Vitamins A, B, C & E, they are actually as good on your skin as they are in your body.There are 4 nutritional skin care benefits of this power-packing pectin: Anti- aging, Acne-busting, Brightening and Toning.

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Photo: Juice Beauty


Green apple, in particular, is great for keeping wrinkles at bay. When combines with Vitamin E and Vitamin A it prevents aging by rebuilding and regenerating the skin structure, keeping it elastic and youthful.


Apples have natural astringent properties that can help clear pores of acne-causing oils. When paired with Vitamin C, it will help clear up the appearance of acne and rejuvenate the look of skin texture.


Lightening & Brightening

When nothing is sloughing away dead skin cells, take advantage of apple’s natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate skin and break up the proteins that hold cells together. Complexion will be brighter and smoother.


Apple extract naturally balances the skin’s pH levels, which restricts the overproduction of its own oils to tighten and tone.The amazing apple is also known to help soothe sunburn, decrease dark circles and puffy eyes and even provide UVB sun protection particles to the skin.

Here are some fresh picked apple-infused organic skincare products to try this Fall!

Juice Beauty has a clinically proven Green Apple Collection that utilizes Malic Acid from organic green apples (this might finally explain where their Creative Director, Gwyneth Paltrow got her daughter’s unusual name!). Their top seller is the Green Apple Peel, which blends a powerful hydroxy-acid complex containing certified organic apple juice to free dull, lifeless skin for visibly improved skin tone and texture.


When you are shopping in your Local Whole Foods, head to the beauty aisle to pick up MyChelle Dermaceuticals Apple Plant Stem Cell and Apple Brightening Serum
. Both products delay the natural aging process by promoting skin exfoliation and cellular regeneration to reduce wrinkle depth. All while using advanced formula to target dark spots and help revive skin’s healthy tone and texture. 

So when you haul home your pail of apples this fall, remember-an apple a day keeps dull skin away!

Written by Tracy Gavant

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