Nestled away on Harrison Street in Tribeca, the aroma of lavender draws you into one of Spa Week’s favorite spas, Tribeca Beauty Spa.

spa week tricbeca beauty spa

Spa: Tribeca Beauty Spa

Service: Signature Facial with extractions

Why we love it: We were fortunate enough to have the founder, Nadia Dekhkanova be our esthetician for the day (and boy is our skin thankful for that)! We were having one of our dreaded flare-ups (the kind where makeup is required to run to the bodega). But, Nadia instantly eased our spirits with her warm demeanor and knowledgeable assessment. On top of it being evident that this woman was a seasoned pro, she complimented us and said breakouts go away but you can’t fake texture (apparently, we have great texture). So, not only was Nadia mending our skin but also our mental state (for a mere $50- you can’t top that type of service). As soon as she was done slathering clarifying serums on our skin, we could instantly tell the difference. The congestion was gone and our inflammation was severely decreased.

Tribeca Beauty’s Spa Week specials have been extended until 10/27!  Book HERE.


Featured image: Fotolia.

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