Read below to find out how Faina European Day Spa’s European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial left our staffer’s skin radiant!

Spa Week spa, Faina European Day Spa

Winter is coming and with that means colder temperatures and that dreaded dry heat to zap our parched,flaky and chapped skin. In an effort to get our face ready for the colder temperatures ahead, we went to one of our go-to New York City spas to get prepped, Faina European Day Spa.

Faina of Faina European Day Spa is a long-standing expert, with over 30 years of experience in the spa industry. Most known for her facials, we knew we had to try the European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial to prepare, protect and guide our skin through the seasonal transition.

It started off like most facials, a light cleansing followed by the steamer but then the Ultrasonic Exfoliating wand was brought out or as we call it the magic wand. Faina guided the wand across our face and the vibration went to work to remove the top layer of dead skin cells (in our case, a lot of removals happened). This facial is for all skin types but is really beneficial for complexions suffering from  dark spots, uneven tone and texture woes. The feeling is similar to microdermabrasion, but without the suction. An hour later, we were sad to leave but happy to find our skin was smoother and noticeably more supple.

Since we know not all of our followers are in the city, we asked Faina to share her top at home change of season skincare tips!  Faina recommends, “As the weather changes, so should your skin care routine at home. Although we might not realize it, our skin tends to be oilier in the summer and dryer in the winter.” So, add a heavier moisturizer, exfoliate once a week and don’t forget a daily serum.”

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