Visit Glamourela to get your best brows ever!

We’ve heard it a million times before, eyebrows are sisters, not twins, but that doesn’t mean that an over plucked or tinted brow won’t cause you to avoid mirrors for weeks. So, how do you really know if your arches are living up to their potential? You go see Maxine Weiss of Glamourela, a seasoned esthetician with over 18 years of experience (she is such a brow savant, she can color match your tint within a few minutes of meeting you). Read below to find out all about our experience!


Spa: Glamourela

Service: Triple Threat $75.00 (brow tint, brow shape + lash tint) 

Why we love it: We love a sculpted arch, but we don’t trust ourselves to fill in our brows on the daily, so when Maxine said we could be out the door in under 30-minutes and look like we were wearing perfectly applied makeup, we were in. Her bubbly personality felt like we were talking to a friend who just happened to be working on our brows (us & our brows are glad she returned to the city from Florida)!

The service starts off with her tinting the upper and lower lashes which can feel a little goofy. Hint, it involves under eye patches and Vaseline under your eyes to stop any excess tint staining the skin (eyes must remain shut). Note, she said some clients can’t bear the thought of unplugging, and she has had to physically remove phones from clients (don’t be that person). Next, your custom brow tint is applied and once remove, Weiss evaluates the status of your current brows and redesigns them to match your unique features. Then a quick clean up and you are out the door with fuller brows and eyes so mesmerizing, Liz Taylor would be jealous.

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