At Epcot’s  International Food & Wine Festival,”guests can sample wine, cheese and ethnic tastes from regions around the world” from Sept.14-Nov.14, 2016.
Spa Week Epcot Food & Wine festival

Photographer: Matt Stroshane

Epcot is infamous for being a global culinary smorgasbord of decadent delights. From its acclaimed restaurants to it independent bazaars channeling the world’s most desirable travel destinations, this Disney resort will delight and transport all of your senses.But fall is especially notable as Mickey and friends roll out new dishes and intricate international delicacies for the International Food & Wine Festival for the 21st year! This year’s event will take imagineers through six continents and 30 different countries for a whopping 62 days with 47% worth of brand new dishes.

A general admission ticket to Disney World’s Epcot will allow you access to the event. In addition to the tasting booths, the event features celebrity chefs like Cat Cora,  Maneet Chauhan and many others furthering solidifying it as the event of the year for creative culinary teams and mixologists pursuing a refined, well-lived life.  This year’s notable mentions are:

The Festival Center 

spa week epcot festival center

Photo Walt Disney World

The center of the event is The Festival Center as it offers 10 wine dispensing machines for tastings. Since it is Disney and every desire is materialized, the machine serves the wines at an ideal temperature.

The Chocolate Experience

spa week epcot chocolate center

Photo: Kent Phillips

Hosted by Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., guests have the luxury of  sampling, pairing and comparing chocolate concoctions with Fonseca port or the Lasseter Family red blend wine, Amoureux, from California’s Sonoma Valley.

Farm Fresh Marketplace

The Farm Fresh Marketplace is the desired destination for sampling local flavors. From their Florida Mango Mamma fruit wine to a hard cider.

Photo: WDW Theme Parks

Photo: WDW Theme Parks

Click HERE to learn more about the festival, food and drinks!

Featured Photo:Inside the Magic.

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